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This is sort of a weird situation. I've been looking for a dac and amp for home and on the go. I narrowed down to either going for Centrance hifi-m8 (~$730) as a one stop solution or to spend a little more for an Asgard2 and Bifrost combo at home (~$730) with C5D ($250).


Here's my current setup:


PC at home

Iphone 5 otg

FLAC and 320 files

Rock, pop, jazz, house, hip hop




Sennheiser ie8

Westone 4 (using this the most)

Noble 8C


My question is, would it be worth it to spend an additional $250 for a dedicated mobile solution, or is it better to just go for the m8? I suppose that if I go for the m8, I still have the option of using it as a dac for the PC, and getting an additional amp (maybe even the A2, which would make the two options the same price).


What do you guys think?

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