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For Sale: Grado-tastic Sale (updated)

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For Sale:
Grado-tastic Sale (updated)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SR80i in Padauk cups with stock cable, flats, and velour headphone bag - $OLD


SR325i Chromies with L Cush - $215


SennGrado V2 (PX100ii drivers) in prototype Vibro Mahogany cups, Yew Audio quad braid cable, Manta headband, and L cush - $OLD



I've also got a pair of 225i drivers that could be installed in either wood setup. PM if this interests you.


All prices include shipping and PP fees. 


The only trade I'm interested in would be for a pair of HD25-1 iis

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Are the wooden cups on the Sr80i removable for a recable?

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indeed they are. The cups were cut so that they're held in by pure friction. No glueing required.

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Willing to go any lower on the Sr80i's?

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