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Best headphones around $350 usd?

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I was looking at the v-moda m100 or the sennheiser momentums but are there any better ones or nicer ones? I would use them for working out but mostly for computer use.
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There is no such thing as "best" in audio. Both the VModa and the Momentum are very nice headphones. They are also different in their sound. The Momentum is more neutral, more relaxed. The VModa has pounding bass and sparkly highs.
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I couldn't think of anything worse than sweating away in big, over-ear headphones.

Anyway, you should probably also see if you can trial the NAD Viso HP50s http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/i-love-these-headphonesthe-nad-viso-hp50

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Ok so what about just for listening to music and computer use? Would you recommend the v-moda m100s or the sennheiser or would u say something else around 350$ USD? I usually listen to rap/rock/metal/acoustic/dubstep
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are you planning on listening to them outside?= v-moda m-100 for your music choices.


are they exclusively for indoor use? = philips x1 or hifiman he-400 with velour earpads. Note: these are open headphones, people will hear what you're listening to.


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I would be using then for traveling in a car alot so open headphones wouldn't really work other then that just regular music while on the computer. Like I would prefer some big comfortable ones. Are vmoda m100s comfy?
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The M-100 hugs your head with a firm, secure fit. Earpads are cozy, but comfortable. If you have large ears though, they may be a tight fit. Headband padding is about right and the curvature distributes the weight nicely across the top of my slightly large noggin. While these headphones are a tad on the heavy side, I felt the comfort was good. The compromise here is always between a sense of security and the sense of weightlessness. The Sennheiser Momentum I'll be reviewing shortly were certainly more comfortable for long listening sessions, but don't feel nearly as secure on my head. I suspect the fit and comfort of the M-100 is spot on for their youthful and energetic target audience. Feel free to throw your pinky and index finger high in the air as you violently bob your head, the M-100 will remain nicely positioned as the tunes modulate your brain."



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