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For Sale: Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX

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For Sale:
Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX

Will Ship To: US/Canada

Up for sale is the one and only hyper photogenic PF IX. Seriously, pop into the FAD worship thread sometime and take a gander at woodcans' lurid photography and you too, will find yourself wonderin why this stainless steel marvel doesn't grace your desk with its curvaceous bod. Aside from its bewitching looks, the PF IX's equally crazy spellbinding SQ is more fun than droppin' acid in a Joann's Fabrics store, or perhaps it's akin to exactly that sort of magical experience. 


The price is for one mint PF IX shipped to our lovely 50 states and our neighbors up above in Canada. Not exactly interested in trades unless you can conjure up an out of production FIBASS or something. 


Pics are forthcoming

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Guess it didn't fit you either? :P.


Good luck!

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As I've been blessed with the ears of a small child, no. Alas, us noble, hobbit eared folk are not destined for Piano Forte nor the shores of Valinor
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What a great price, lowest I've ever seen for the IXs (probably beat me to buying them from Eve). If I didn't already have my VIII I would snatch them up in a heartbeat. I even want to still but my wallet has already taken a beating of late haha.

(At least I'm not on drugs... at least I'm not on drugs...)

For those wanting to know more about these, do a Google search for the Final Audio Design appreciation thread. Having owned the VIIIs for a while and knowing the IXs perform similarly, I can assuredly say that the latter live up to the praise but with a more striking appearance compared to the former, justifying the difference in price between the models in my opinion. Incidentally, however, that price premium becomes a near-moot issue at half the msrp with Id's almost shockingly low asking price, even taking into consideration how esoteric these earphones are. In addition, with Final Audio Design, purchasing their products isn't simply an homage to great sound but beautifully functional craftsmanship as well, not to mention they are very airy and have a depth of sound that needs to be heard to be believed, especially in spite of their size. And for someone who can achieve an ideal fit, they melt in your ears (not literally) once the cold of the metal subsides.

Just so I don't sound like too much of a shill, there are a few caveats with the IX, depending on your listening preferences (extrapolating from my ownership of the VIII) . First, they're very source sensitive (i. e. garbage in garbage out) and as a result somewhat prone to sibilance on poor recordings (feed these lossless and it's significantly less of a problem unless you're just naturally hypersensitive). Second, they don't isolate at all (though admittedly a plus for me given the environment I work in but they consequently need absolute quiet to excel to their fullest potential, much like open headphones such as Grado, various popular Sennheiser models, etc. but very importantly leak practically no sound at all even in high volumes). Third, they're not in any way going to satisfy the inner bass head, but will shine in any genre of music that focuses on organic sound, conveying an immersion effect unlike any other earphone I own (which isn't to say they're the most technically capable earphone ever but come remarkably close and are always my go to for comfort, convenience and emotional deliverance). Listeners of genres such as jazz, classical, acoustic as well will find the FAD PF-IX to be sublime. I'm not sure these are the last word in durability but the shells themselves seem indestructible and the cable seems adequate if not minimalistic. Having owned my pair of VIIIs for several months now, I feel they will last pretty much forever with the way that I baby them. Also, they are super fingerprint magnets so OCD neat freaks be warned.

EDIT: I accidentally a word and grammar, etc.

Incidentally, I typed all of this through my phone. That's how awesome I think these earphones are. Plus Id is a cool dude.

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Thanks for the free promotion dbdchc (you gotta change that to something that rolls off the tongue a bit easier). Indeed, the price is shockingly low, hopefully it jolts someone into action. Papa needs a new guitar!

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All the letters stand for something, DBDC being Death By Dull Cubicle and HC being my initials, their contents I'll one day broadcast to the world.  I've had the abbreviated monicker for years before I ended up working in finance and incidentally in a cubicle.  I'm in the midst of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  :beyersmile:

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