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I mostly listen to electronic music and occasionally play FPS games. I tried looking for a cheap, decent pair of headphones and I came across quite a few.

Superlux HD681 ($30) - Apparently these are really good headphones for the price and are rather comparable to the HD668B's. I have heard that they lack comfort, but these can be modded a bit to make the comfort rather bearable. These also have some piercing highs which can be fixed by doing some EQ settings or doing a filter mod.


Superlux HD681 EVO ($40) - I kept looking around and found these headphones after I posted this thread. How do these fare against the other Superlux headphones? I've heard they fix most of the issues the other Superlux headphones have, is this true or was I reading wrong.

Superlux HD688B ($40) - Another pair of Superlux headphones that is apparently equal to the HD681's. I have heard that these sound better than the HD681's stock, but when modded they sound about the same. Same problem as the HD681's, a bit uncomfortable but can be modded to be more bearable, and they have the same piercing highs that can be fixed through a filter mod or EQ setting.


Samson SR850 ($50) - I have read that these are comparable to both the Superlux headphones previously mentioned but have slightly different sound. I am not sure what the difference is. Can these be modded easily like the Superlux's? When they are modded are they better than the Superlux's?

Takstar 2050 - ($65) - These look much more comfortable than the other 3 headphones mentioned. I do not really know if there is a major difference in sound quality, I can't really seem to find comparison between this headset and the other 3 (I must be horrible at googling).

I don't really want to buy the Takstar's unless they have a noticeable audio quality difference because I would like to spend as little as possible. Same goes for the SR850's, unless they sound better modded (if possible) than the modded Superlux's, I would rather get the Superlux's because they are cheaper. Then the final question on the headphones topic is, what is the main difference between the Superlux's?

I also wanted to ask about my Asus Xonar DG sound card. I frequently play a rhythm game called osu! and I have read from some members of the community that the Asus cards have a rather large latency:

Is this true or is it just that some members had some issues with their sound card?

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