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Recommendation for best In ear earphones for around $50

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I posted similar thread but didn't get any replies. I was wondering what pair of in ear phones for around $50 will give me the best all around experience. I listen to many kinds of music but if I had to single one out it would lean towards hard rock. In your experiences what would be the best for me? I am currently considering the Dunu DN-12's but I would love any other suggestions. Any replies are appreciated.

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Tons of info on IEMs here:
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Thanks for the link but I have already gone through that and one problem is that it overwhelms me with information and is very difficult to figure out which is the best pair for me. I would like to know what some of the most popular earphones that meet my requirements instead of 60+ headphones to sort through. After going through that page I'm more undecided than before so if anyone could possibly steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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Under $100 it is all about compromises. You won't get it all - the 'phones will, at best, do a couple of things well and a few things not so well.

So, the trick is to reduce the list by eliminating the ones that are pretty clearly not going to work for you. The most obvious first filter is price - that one is easy.

I happen to own several of the same 'phones that ljokerl has reviewed. Because of that, I can read his reviews of the headphones I own, and I know that in general, I pretty much agree with his general judgement of those headphones. So, when he says a headphone is a bit bassy, and I have NOT heard that headphone, I know that I'll probably think it is a bit bassy too, and I have a general idea in my head of what "a bit bassy" will mean. That helps a tremendous amount - but unfortunately for a new head-fier, that is also something that can only come with experience - experience that ljokerl (and myself) have obtained over many years and many hours of listening to headphones.

In any case, here's what I do: I scan through his reviews and look for the 'phones with the highest rating for "sound". I then read his description of the sound for those 'phones and try to classify the top few into a few general categories: bassy, sparkly, detailed, punchy, etc. If I am currently interested in "bassy" headphones, then I can filter all but those in the "bassy" category out of my list.

Now my list has probably become much smaller - and the final filter is: Are the 'headphones actually available? ljokerl has been keeping that list for several years, and some of the 'phones are no longer on the market. In addition, he has access to smaller brands that are much harder for the average buyer to find. In all likelihood, your list of 'phones that are in your price range, with a good sound rating from ljokerl, in the general sound category you are interested in AND actually available from somewhere like Amazon, B&H, NewEgg, etc is probably down to 0-3 headphones. At that point, I look at more minor factors like their looks or just what strikes my fancy - and I hold my nose and click "Buy".

There ya go - no magic bullets, no deep, dark secret audiophile knowledge - just a little research, organization and a willingness to actually take a chance and go for it! I'm in this hobby for the long haul - any headphone I buy is not the only headphone I will ever buy - it is simply the *next* headphone I am buying... wink.gif

If you made it through all of that, then here's my recommendation: Check out the VSonic & Meelectronic offerings in this price range. They are typically a very good value in the lower budget tiers.
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Thank you for the explanation and advice it helped a great deal. I have now narrowed it down to three choices. I would love it if you could give your advice on the best for hard rock. The first is VSONIC GR02 Bass Edition, second is Astrotec Am-90, and the third is VSonic VSD1S. Thanks for the great advice.

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And one more I am considering is the MEElectronics M11.

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I haven't heard any of those. The VSonic VSD1S look very interesting. Here's a review:
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I just ordered the Vsonic GRO2's because they seem to always have great reviews and fit what I want.

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