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Portable Headphones for Diverse Genres

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I'm currently in the market for a new pair of headphones after deciding to get away from earphones. I'm looking for headphones that'll be useful for more on-the-go listening. Thus they obviously need to be portable, and also have decent noise isolation. My library genres are quite diverse, but center around rock (slow core, folk rock, hard rock and progessive metal), and some amount of classical and experimental electronica. So, I'm looking for balanced sounding headphones that will accommodate diverse sounds. One thing I want to avoid at all cost is hissing sound you hear in some cans that have bad treble that makes female vocals annoying. Maybe a bit of a rolloff on treble, while still staying decently balanced. So, I'm guessing I'm looking for the warmer side of balanced.


While doing some research, I found a few options. One being the Sennheiser HD-25-1 II as well as the Sennheiser Momentum. Though, I've been told that the HD-25 is quite agressive sounding even though I really love the ability to strip it down to mere parts. I can maybe even buy it without drivers and place warmer drivers in them. And Momentum seems great but seem to lack that ability to replace parts, and may sound too warm. So, I'm also prioritizing durability and DIY capabilities. The idea is that I can travel with my headphones while being able to order some parts online that might break, instead of having to send the whole unit back for factory repair.


Although I like the looks of the Momentum, I've been fooled too many times to put looks over durability/on-site repair. And I do like the modest design for both options, even though they're not exactly what I'm looking for.


Anywho, thanks for any future recommendations,



P.S In terms of pricing, the 300$ mark seems to be the most I'm willing to dish out. Of course, since this is not an immediate purchase, I'll be saving up for them. Thus I'll likely be able to add a 50$ to that.

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If you want a headphone to mod, then I would suggest the Fostex T50RP - It's not exactly portable, but I can't think of a headphone that has been more successfully modded.
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Interesting, I'd likely have that one as a personal project of mine eventually. Though, unfortunately, it apparently doesn't sound great without extensive modding. And since more advanced modding likely requires more advanced equipment, I'll hold off on the T50RP until I'm more used to what a headphone should sound and feel like. I'm fairely new to the headphone scene.

Thanks for the suggestion,


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There are two Momentum models. There is the "Momentum" and the "Momentum On-Ear". Most reviewers say that the Momentum (over-ear) sounds better - smoother and more neutral. Another option in the HD25 "family" is the Amperiors.

An excellent deal on the Amperior is here:

Your next question is probably going to be about the difference between the various members of the HD25 family. I really don't know - I have heard the Amperior and the Momentum BRIEFLY, but not enough to give any real comparisons. I'm sure there are many threads on head-fi that address this question, and here's a review from Tyll at InnerFidelity:
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Yes, I've heard of the two models. Personally, if I am to buy the Momentum, it would be the classic over the ear version. If I am to buy from the HD-25 family, it would be the Amperior. Though, I would have to research a bit more to see how the Amperior sounds (if at all) different from the HD-25. I know it uses lower impedance drivers (I think 30 Ohms rather than 70) and sound is different because of the alluminium drivers. But as far to say that the sound is more balanced, I can't say.


Thanks again for the post. For me to really know if I like them, I would have to listen to them individually. I know that the Momentum (Over the ear) is available at a shop near me. But, the Amperior/HD-25 I don't know. I know that the Amperior is discontinues, so I'll likely not find it in shops.

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