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$350 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
EPOS ELS-8 bookshelf speakers & Nuforce Icon Amp [price drop]

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling a pair of ELS-8 and Nuforce speaker amp .

They were taking too much space on my tiny dorm room desk, so I changed my setup to a pair of active speakers.

The speakers sound fantastic and maple finish looks beautiful, and the amp will produce enough juice for any room.

I usually had the volume knob at 10~11 o'clock, and it was loud enough to fill up my room.


I'd say the speakers are cosmetically in B+ condition and the amp's in A condition.

Both items will be shipped in original packaging with all original accessories. 


Flaws in speakers are little dents on a back corner of each speakers, but they are hard to notice from the front. 

There's also broken grill feet that are stuck into holes in the speakers.(two in a speaker, and one in another) See attached pictures for details.


I will also include 8 speaker spikes that were around $30. I had to get speakers angled at the corner of my desks,

so I only installed 3 spikes for each speakers, but you can probably install a 4th spike (or take all of them off), since they are just taped at the bottom.


Prices are $230+shipping for speakers and $120+shipping for the amp.

I'm willing to take reasonable offers, so shoot me a PM for any offers or questions.


See links below for specs

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