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Amp/Dac for DT-880s

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Hello everyone, 


I just recently ordered a pair of DT-880 250ohm Premiums and they're supposed to be here soon. I've been reading more about them and it seems everyone recommends a amp and dac with them. Would the Schiit Modi/Magni be a good combo? How about the Vali instead of the Magni? I'm trying to spend less than $230 on this. If you have any different recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them!


Thanks in advance!

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I'm using a Vali with my DT-880s 250 ohm and it sounds fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased. I find myself listening to music now more than ever. As far as a dac, I'm using a HRT Music Streamer II which seems to have an excellent synergy with the DT880 and Vali. It does cost around $170 which would put you above your budget. From what I have read the Modi is supposed to be a very, very good dac for $100. Many people say it sounds as good as the ODAC ($150) which can compete with dacs twice it's price.

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I use my DT 880/250 with Modi/Magni. I had the Magni first then the Modi. Adding the Modi makes noticeable difference. They sound good with the 880.

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Thanks for the replies, I think I'll go with the Modi/Magni Combo!

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