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headphones for 50 €

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Hello I have a budget of 50€ can u suggest me something? I think that headphones are the most good for listening music and movies.


I saw this headphones;jsessionid=9F4BDE0EDDBB57FAD57922CB428B2101.app101-drp4

what do u think? 

I'm the first time buying this kind of stuff.


Thank you all.

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I tried the cheap Philips Headphones, namely the SHP8000 and the Downtown you mentioned. Both sounded very nice, with the SHP8000 sounding more spacious.


Alternatively, you can try the cheap Aiaiai Headphones. Their Capital and Tracks Headphones have a very good reputation.



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I want to know if the quality of bass is good with the models you propose

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u can read all the reviews on the amazon page on ue4000....

from my own hearing, off my ipad, it sounded clear n punchy with pop, jazz, vocals.

but i wont use it for classicals. u dun need an amp with this.


its an On ear version like the downtown u are considering.

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I listen rock and commercial, but sometimes I like some lirics.

I'm only wonder that bass and high are good. I'm only noob about this stuff, but if I go in train with ue4000 or shp8000, people listen my music too or is quite isolated?


Sorry for my questions, I hope I don't bother someone.

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I see that in internet is suggested Panasonic RP-HTX7...had someone tried it? 

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