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Objective 2 head amp

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Hi. I have found one of these on eBay which would ship from the US. I was windering, do they need converted at all or am I pretty safe in that it will be plug and play? Are they any good? I have sennheiser Momentums. Here's what the ad states....

Purchasing this Item includes 1 objective 2 headphone amp with a 120 volt A/C adapter. Please note you must use a

'step down converter to use this amp in 220v countries or you will damage the amp.'

Many thanks for your thoughts!
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If you're in a 220 V country and have to import them then I'd advise against purchasing them:


- You'll need to purchase a converter

- You'll face import duties, handling costs and VAT.


Together, these will easily wipe out any advantage in price you might have.  If you're set on an O2 (not bad at all for the price) and are in Europe the take a look sty Epiphany Acoustics' implementation of the concept.  Occasionally they do sales that lower the pricing even more.

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