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AKG K545 bought - Amp/DAC ??

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Hi Guys,


I took the plunge and finally decided on a set of headphones, K545's and i'm glad, they truly are amazing coming from my Bose OE1's.


Now I wanted to get the most out of these, so was looking at amps, dacs and maybe mp3 players.


Now I will be mostly listening to these on the go, so very rarely from a desktop or laptop. I have a Ipod Shuffle at the moment (mainly gym) but what are your thoughts ? I was looking at Fiio E17 / E11 but don't really fancy rooting my phone. I do plan on getting a Samsung S5 when it comes out so it will be mainly used for that in future, currently running off a Nexus 7 tab - but the volume isnt nearly loud enough as I would like at times, and I would like to push through some more bass if possible.


What are your thoughts ? Amp ? DAC ? Cowon i9 ? Cowon i10 ? I don't want to spend too much so have a tight budget or around £100 .



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Personally I'd save up a bit more and get a better player like the Fiio X3. That way you have a decent amp and dac built in and don't need to worry about wasting the space or battery of your phone.

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Thanks for the suggestion. X3 seems like a good bet however the 10 hour battery life seems a little poor, anything else you can recommend with better battery life ?

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Whats your take on the Ibasso dx50 ? i've been reading of UI issues with it, many people saying it's still unfinished product ?

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I'm not a big fan of the lower-priced audiophile players - like the DX50. I just don't think the firmware can ever be as nice & reliable as what the gajillion dollar Apple & Google & Microsoft guys can do. I'm sure that statement will cause some haters to post...

Now, if you take it to the level of an Astell & Kern, then that's a whole different kettle of fish. Those are sweet little DAPs - and you pay for that sweetness!

However, I think I would rather stick to devices that are 100% reliable and just work rather than devices that seem to need many firmware updates just to operate correctly.

Personally, I think after the Astell & Kern, the best portable rigs are the CLAS-type of devices that can treat the Apple idevice as the storage media, and bypass the internal DAC and amp. I think those are simply brilliant devices because they are best of both worlds. You still have your good 'ol Apple device that gives you the reliability, compatibility, accessories, etc - and you also the ability to add whatever audiophile devices you wish. They aren't cheap, but it is very cool tech.
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