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Sansa Clip Plus replacement

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Hello all,


I purchased a Sans Clip + in October 2012 to replace a dying Cowon C2 and was, for a time very happy with it : it sounded fine, I liked the price, the form factor, the SD slot and the Rockbox magic. A perfect way to listen to music on the go. 


Alas, a couple of months later, the headphone jack started giving me headaches: no more sound on the right channel.


As the thing was well under warranty, I sent it back to Amazon for a replacement.


And now, seven months later, what do you know, the headphone jack is starting to give out again. Which is maddening, given I've taken VERY good care of it (for instance, I've NEVER removed my on-the-go headphones from it, a pair of HD-25s, not once, not even when charging the playing).


I've now started thinking about a replacement. I'd really like to find a player that shares the Clip Plus' qualities (SQ, FLAC capacity, Micro-SD slot, and if at all possible, cheap price), but without the dubious reliability.


What should I look out for, knowledgeable reader ?  





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Is the Sansa Clip Zip any sturdier?

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I don't really know about the Clip + but I do have the Zip and yes, even if it's tiny, it's built like a (lightweight) tank.

Also, the jack is really tight so I don't think there will be problems with mine.

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I don't think you can get a better combination at that price range,

I own a clip zip and don't have any problem with the jack so far, but my plugs are small right angled ones(mainly IEMs).

The hd25 plug might apply to much angular stress on the plug if you are on the move or do sports...

you could try a small adaptor to reduce the stress like this:




It seems like the zip and plus have the same built quality so don't count on that.

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Maybe u should remove the hdfone jack when u are not using it..not to add stress to the socket when its rocking in your bag? :P

i just bought two refurbished clip zip....19bucks. crossing my fingers..its somewhere in the snow. 

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I'm probably alone in this one, but I dig the C2 over the clip +... And I use both. Just the C2 more often ;)

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Thanks for the replies, all.


I'd looked into an adaptor before getting my replacement. But I've been careful enough with my setup that I doubt it would have made a difference (it's hardly ever in a bag, it tends to sit in a coat pocket while I walk at the leisurely pace I prefer, the rest of the time it's lying on a table. The thing's living a very sheltered life !). Given my use of the player and the speed at which it's been breaking, I think it's safe to say it suffers from serious build quality issues. Which is sad, since it's such a nice offering in every other way.


As I mentionned, I've owned a Cowon C2 as well. I liked it while I had it, but I wouldn't buy another one.


I have a seven year old Sony digital player that's still going strong (the girlfriend uses it without issues). Do they have a cheapish FLAC player with a MicroSD slot that sounds neutral enough that I could look at ? All the Sony players I've seen here and there seem expensive. I don't want to put 100 euros in a digital player in this day and age !


At this point, I'm not sure being faithful to Sansa is a good idea.  

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What's happening is the headphone jack is eventually wiggling back and forth on the players input and breaking the soldering contact to the circuit board. The longer a headphone jack is the more leverage and strain it puts on a players input jack. We have to remember inside these players it's just a few simple solder joints holding the jack there.

You need to find a small extensions cable /adapter that terminates into a male right angle jack, remove as much strain as possible.
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I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the help that's offered, but what I actually need is a digital player that's designed to work with all possible types of headphone jacks.


That seems like a reasonable expectation. As it stands, I can't help but feel the Clip+ should be marketed as a disposable player, Bic style.


(By the way, the HD 25s which are the sole headphones I use with the Clip+ have a right angle jack already)

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