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FiiO X3 strange sounds

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Hello, I need help with something. I bought X3 in October and it´s been working perfectly. But i have a problem with it lately. During playback I hear some unpleasant noise like popping. Usually in pause between two tracks and sometimes it stays during whole song. I am sure files are OK. Oh, and it´s 0 and colder outside :) Could this be a problem? Thanx

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Interesting. I'm having the same issue, I believe. I have heard similar sounds when using the X3 as DAC from my laptop. Usually used together when listening with Spotify, and happens randomly, seems to occur only when playing something. A couple of times unplugging and plugging the X3 from the laptop solved it, but other times it didn't. Has happened using two different IEMs btw. 


Somebody knows what may be going on here?

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I sometimes have a popping sound when I first play a track after turning the device on.  Annoying, but I don't think I've had it continue on other tracks afterward.  Unfortunately I have no idea why it does it, though it sounds like your popping issue is far more significant.  

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