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For Sale: iBasso PB1 +Hi Rose Adapter SOLD

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For Sale:
iBasso PB1 +Hi Rose Adapter SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have my iBasso Pb1 for sale! 


My Pb2 just arrived and I have no need for my pb1 any more


the Pb1 works very nicely HOW EVER... my pb1 is stuck in high gain, the gain pins on the bottom of the amp snapped on me. I have been told it should be repairable but that is up to you to decide.


Now that said, the Pb1 is great for High Impedance Z headphones like the Beyerdyanmic DT 880 600 ohm but I've also had much luck in driving a W1000x and D2k as well, granted with very low impedance head phones you do not have a lot of "play" on the volume knob but I have found it to be more than sufficent, and out of my HM 801's line out there is very little noise! 


That said I purchased the Pb1 a few months ago for about $165, the Hi Rose adapter I had to purchase seperatly. Now that said, price is firm no trade please and it includes shipping and Pay Pal fee's within the USA 48 only.


If you would like international shipping, please add $15 to the price! 


Pics added of the Pins and the adatper, if your handy you may be able to get it back into Low Gain, it's possible as well to dis assemble the device and change the Gain internally, without the external pins. I do not how ever have teh screw drivers for the unit, and they are very small 6 pin star tips :[

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Sheesh Sale Pending 

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