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Hasn't the MA900 been discontinued by Sony?
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Hasn't the MA900 been discontinued by Sony?

I believe so, but it can still be found online. Although it's price point may be higher now than before it was considered as 'discontinued' by the Sony manufactuer.

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Originally Posted by Belial88 View Post

I didnt' realize the 595 was only ~$100+. What's better, 595 or 559 (I dont mind modding)?


I think im leaning towards 558 as more people say they are more comfortable, but I'll return the 558s in a heartbeat if they aren't perfectly comfortable.

You're not going to experience any discomfort in the 558s. Unless you have an oddly shaped head, or rather large ears. Then it might be a personal problem. The 5XX Sennheiser line-up is quite comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time.

Just like with any new headphone, there is a 'break-in' period for your head to adjust to headphones. You may need to also stretch them out just enough so that they fit right. Although I would be careful with this method.

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Came to sing the praises of the 558's real quick. 


I'm planning on upgrading to the DT880, but let me tell you, Sennheiser 558's are insanely good for their asking price. Great soundstage, enough bass (not a basshead, but I do like to have some) and the comfort is phenomenal. I love the giant earcup design. With my Schiit Modi DAC, there was a nice improvement to clarity, but they still have great clarity. I have auditioned some of the headphones in the less than $150 area (M50, AD700, A700 etc.) and I just come back to and end up keeping the 558's. 


I haven't listened to the MA900, but from what others have said they seem to be improvements on all ends. Plus no amping required, although you already have one. 


From what you have said, I think the MA900's will be your best choice, but if you don't have the dough, 558's surely doesn't dissapoint.




Originally Posted by Nihl View Post

Just like with any new headphone, there is a 'break-in' period for your head to adjust to headphones. You may need to also stretch them out just enough so that they fit right. Although I would be careful with this method.



This x1000, let your head adjust a bit before you judge the comfort.

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MA900 is over $230, sorry man I'd really consider it but right now it's just too expensive. I really wish there was a way to test them out (note sig) but there isn't, guitar center has the dt770 at best and best buy has like the 428s as the most high-end headphone it has besides Monster and Beats garbage. I'm pertty sure they were $150 last week but I guess I just missed it. 


I will definitely return the 558s if they are anything less than absolutely perfect after 8+ hours of usage though, for sure. 

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i didn't realize i highjacked this thread, i thought i created it. 


I'm going to be purchasing the 558s. I may purchase the dt990 later with the intention to return the one I like less later on this month. Reading through the PMs and messages, I see quite a few more people say the 558 is more comfortable. I don't see anyone say the dt990 is more comfortable, only equally comfortable or 'is very comfortable' with no relation. I think I've heard maybe 2 people say the dt990 is more comfortable. 


I've heard a lot of people say the 558s is more well-rounded and a better all around headphone, i've heard a few people say the dt990 is a 'superior' headphone. 

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Try the 558 first, if you don't like it try the DT990. If you don't like that, try the Fidelio X1.  :-)

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X1 is too expensive. If I went for $200-250, I'd go Q701/K621 vs MA900 vs X1. 


I'll probably order the DT990 later on and A/B and see which to go for though. 

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I'm just curious, since there are so many recommendations from people here to spend money that isn't theirs for $200-300 phones. Are these phones a significant step above the ~$130 558s? Is it a noticeable difference? An appreciable difference? Is it night and day, could you tell right away or is it more of an A/B difference (I'm not talking about the sound profile differences of course)? Are those $200-250 headphones at least 50% better than the 558s, in comfort or sound quality?


It seems to me the best $200-250 headphones are the MA900s or X1s, with the X1s seeming like they are better headphones all around. The DT990s seem to be like the 598s - great headphones if they were just a little cheaper, but considering they cost more like $200+ (with the exception of the dt990 250pro) they get outclassed by it's similarly priced competitors. 


Like I see the 598 as good, but it gets edged out by $150-200 phones like the dt990/880, AKGs. The DT990 250pro and 558s seem to be pretty solid purchases at $100-150 range though. 


Because if like the X1s or MA900s have any value to them, like they are night and day better, and obvious step up, noticeably better, then I may yet still go for them. But $200 is a lot for a headphone, so I need a bit of clarity on what I'd be paying for. I'm sure they are great headphones, but I don't want to buy them if the difference isn't even noticeable over the 558s. I mean I use the 681 evos and they sound great, I'm not sure I'm necessarily going 'wow i'm hearing things i've never heard before!' so... I guess I'll just see what happens when the 558s get here. 


edit: On a side note, I see I can get a DT990 600ohm for $200. Is it really worth that much over a $145 DT990 250pro? 

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Oh, and I'm operating under the assumption here that headphones are always better than speakers, right? I really dont need headphones, I am just replacing my computer speakers (which is a 6-cd changer 2 speaker set-up with an in-line jbl sub6 subwoofer). Like headphones will always be cheaper than speakers for comparable audio quality, ie $500 headphones > $1000 speakers.

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Speakers just cost more. The sound quality potential is much greater with speakers.
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That answer isn't clear to me. So you are affirming that any speakers under $1000 will be worse than any headphone under $500? What about Sennheiser 558s, how much would you have to spend to get comparable speaker quality? What about the ~$100-200 speaker systems for desktops (i hope it's clear that I'm talking about desktops, all the time, of course), they are just worse than some $30+ headphones?

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No. Well, speakers deliver a much more natural sound. Whether you prefer it or not is up to personal preference.
Basically, if you don't need the convenience of headphones, then get some speakers (since they generally sound more natural) unless you're only willing to spend just $100.
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I'm only willing to spend up to $200. I dont need portability or isolation. So would $200 speakers be better than $200 headphones like dt990s or 558s?

I even have some sound equipment, like a jbl sub6 and ensemble studios henry kloss sub, and some receivers, and a sonance.
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That's like comparing cake with pie.... It really depends on what you want.

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