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Wanted: Wanted! Blown / broken / Grado Drivers!

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Wanted! Blown / broken / Grado Drivers!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

hello all! i have an odd request here... looking for a couple of broken, busted, blown, or just messed up Grado drivers. dont need to be high end, not going to try to get them working, just need them liberated and intact, or i can liberate them myself if you still have them in the cups. either way. SR60's, 80's, whatever. thanks for looking!!



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I have one SR-60 (deformed membrane) and one SR-60i (ripped voice coil at the soldering posts) driver that're busted. I've used both for experimenting with. Both are liberated, and I removed the front filter and disassembled the front grill too + some venting. Not sure if these fit your needs.

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hey, thanks for the reply. can you shoot me a quick so i get a better idea? i think these will work just fine, but a pic would help. thanks again! Trey

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those will do. what do you want for them? i am in California, not sure what shipping will run from Norway...  thanks again for your time! Trey

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Ah you can have them as long as you pay for the shipping + pp fee :) Just let me know if you find some of the stuff I have requested in my signature, or someone skilled enough to repair Grado drivers.

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thanks so much! I will be in virginia soon so I will get you to ship them there. it should be a little cheaper shipping to the east coast vs the west coast. no rush on them, we can do it as cheaply as possible. I can send you payment after you get a quote or before, just let me know an estimate. they could be wrapped and put in strong envelope, no need for a box. thanks so much!
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