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Purchasing at Headamp

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I recently bought a HE-400 from the website. Since the website doesn't require you to sign up or anything, I have no information about my purchase. It seems to be a legit website as it is also one of the sponsor of Head-Fi but after paying $330 with no follow up is a bit strange to me. Just wanna ask anyone who had experience buying on Headamp, do they provide u with tracking or confirmation? I sent an e-mail to them but its been 2 days and still no reply.


Appreciate your time.

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It looks like headamp uses an online shopping cart service. I'm surprised it didn't email you a confirmation - did you check your junk mail folder?

This is the owner of Headamp, you can try shooting him a PM, he is an active head-fier.
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They did send a confirmation e-mail with a invoice number but thats it, no other information related to the purchase. I have no idea when will it ship or when will I receive, just kind of insecure after the purchase. I have read a few posts about buying at headamp and I guess its just how it works as Justin is the only guy running the business.

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Justin's a busy man these days getting his GS-X and Blue Hawaii SE amps made. I'm guessing you just ordered at a bad time. You'll get your headphones for sure. I wouldn't worry about that.
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i've been working on both. the GS-X panels are being laser engraved at this moment.

it's always funny that the busier i am, the MORE i get the "are you still in business?" emails
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Justin is a fantastic seller, you have nothing to worry about. You'll probably get tracking sent to you as soon as it ships. He is extremely busy... I've occasionally had a day or two wait on an email response, other times almost immediate.
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Thanks guys. I understand hes busy after reading a few other posts, I guess I just have to wait.

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