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I'd search for results myself, but I doubt they'd help with figuring out if either of these fit my specific tastes. I am looking for dark and bass heavy (majorly so) headphones for under $200. I looked at the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 reviews on Amazon and the title of the 1st review fits exactly what I want to see, it said "like having 2 subwoofers strapped to your head" and that's what I want. I want a very deep and punchy bass, not sloppy and loud like the XB400s that I have produce. I have a FiiO E6 and will upgrade if necessary, but I doubt these 2 cans will need it. Will these fit the dark, bass heavy, profile I seek with deep and punchy bass? The best thing I can compare what I'm looking for to is the Bose companion 5 speakers's bass reproduction, I walked into a small store and I fell in love instantly, I could feel the bass...not just hear it. Of course I would also like good sound quality, I haven't been spoiled when it comes to fidelity and true audiophile sound quality but I do like to hear the mids and treble and definitely the vocals.


If you'd like to recommend something else, feel free, I am willing to go to $300 if necessary. I would really like to avoid spending $300 but if they will last over 5 years and produce skull shaking bass then I'd go for it. 


What I've looked at:

- All mainstream ATH headphones (headphones like the ATH-PRO700MK2 I am unfamiliar with)

- Bose

- Soul

- SMS Audio

- V-Moda

- Sony

- Beyerdynamic COP, DT 770 Pro

- Grado

- JVC (got some JVC earbuds, they're nice)

- Sennheiser (x320s are $40 on Amazon if anyone is interested, about crapped myself when I saw that)


I've researched extensively but I really haven't gone into too much of the mainstream brands, more so into the alternative brands.


These will be used on a laptop with decent MaxxAudio 3.0 drivers, so they will definitely not sound the same as on a high end Xonar card.


Thanks in advanced for any help.