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Headphones louder in one ear

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For the past probably year, I have been experiencing a problem in which when I use headphones, they are louder in my left ear. It does not matter the headphone or audio source. I have Bose QC15, Soundmagic E10, and Audio-Technical ATH-M50's. All of these headphones, and others, have this problem, which shows that it is not a headphone problem. I have an Ultrabook, two Win8.1 tablets and an iPod touch, and the problem occurs when using any of these devices, which shows that it is not a source problem. I have to use the balance feature to make the sound louder in my right ear by about 20-25%. Even then, stuff like bass or deep vocals are slightly louder in my left ear, but the rest is perfectly balanced. I should also note that this is not limited to music, any audio is much louder in the left ear. This is with no settings touched. If I have audio settings changed to that the right ear is louder and then swap the headphones (so that left ear cup goes on right ear, ect), sound in my right ear is almost mute. I can barely hear a thing. When I put them back to normal, is balances out. However, this does not occur outside of headphones. I hear the world balanced as if everything was normal. When I have my Ultrabook sitting on my chest or lap, it is perfectly balanced. No settings have been touched and it has stereo speakers on both sides. When I am listening to a person talk, it is balanced in both ears. When I am listening to music via speaker, is it balanced. I recently took one of those hearing tests where they put a headset in you and play different high pitched tones, and I aced it. No problem. What is this? I should mention (please do not judge me by this) that I am a 14yo male. I don't know if that has anything to do with this, but I'll throw it in there. I should also note that I do not listen to music loudly. I listen to it so vocals are about as loud as a person talking next to me would sound like. I do not crank up volume. Thanks.

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Oh, and I'm sure that someone will comment on my "poor choice in headphones", but there is a reason why I have these and not "something decent, like Senn or Shure". For example, I need the Bose for their noise cancelling. I understand sound isn't all that great. Please don't leaver comments like that. Thanks.

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Have you tried switching them around to see if it´s your hearing that is the issue?

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When I swap them it is still louder in the left ear. Same volume. Only occurs with headphones. Ideas?

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Sorry, but it really really sounds like you have a hearing problem. :triportsad: A pitch test should only test your ears' range, not any volume issues. Go see a doctor and get tested!

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Could be ear wax build up or hearing problem. Either way go see a doctor.
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Hmmm, yeah, could be ear wax or a hearing problem. I'm sorry to hear that. 


When I was around your age I started getting issues with ear wax and didn't ever really realize it. Please see a doctor, bud. Let us know what your results are. I'm sure people around here will  more than willing to help you once you have your info. Lots of ways to make music listenable. :)

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I've had the same problem for quite some time. Everything always sounds slightly louder on the left side, no matter which way I put headphones onto my head. It's extremelly annoying since everything is always out of balance and I never know whether it's the equipment or my ears.

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I have the same problem. One day music from my plugs just started to concentrate more on the left side and I had no idea why.

Well I've finally decided to go see a doctor and find out the reason behind this though, I just can't stand the thought of not being able to enjoy my earphones like I used to..

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