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Recently, I have been running into some low-grade music recordings with a high noise floor. This is material ripped from CDs as the source. Is there a noise reduction hardware or preferably software that can reduce this noise level as the music is being played from a PC or Mac? Or perhaps a tool that can process the music file itself? Also it would be nice to enhance the dynamics of old recordings back closer to what the music sounded like when it was recorded.

I remember there was Dolby which worked when music was played from a record or tape back eons ago. The only difference is the noise I am finding is part of the recording found on the CD and not introduced by the imperfections of analog sources like tape or vinyl. Of course if the noise reduction technique is too aggressive this can take valuable audio content away. So it should be capable of altering its processing based on the dynamics of the source playing at the time, with perhaps some user adjustable setting.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Bob Graham

EDIT: It now looks like the proper forum may have been Computer Audio. Sorry. Administrator, please delete this thread if necessary. I am going to repost in the correct forum.
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