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Let’s face it, whether you are the most seasoned audiophile, or a novice, sometimes this audio thing can get confusing. From DAC’s and amps, to cables, speakers and room acoustics, the home audio game can leave you shaking your head.


What do you consider when buying speakers?

What is the best file format?

How can I acoustically treat my living room to make it sound better?

And the list can go on and on. Don’t worry though; we have some good news for you. HDtracks is going to help you solve some of those audio problems, introducing, “Ask the Audio Guru” with Michael Trei.

Michael Trei is a passionate audiophile and music fan who writes for sites like, Sound and Vision, Dvice, and others and is going to answer some of your most challenging audio questions.

Here is how it works. Each week you can submit your questions to Michael will then pick one of the questions to answer for the following week. The person whose question gets picked, will receive one FREE album download of their choice, it’s that simple! (Box sets not included)

So not only can you get your most troubling audio questions answered, but you can win FREE music, which always sounds a little better.

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