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Headphone help?

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Hi all,


I'm really hoping that someone here can help me make a decision.


I'm looking at buying a Fiio X3 in the next few weeks but I'm also going to be buying some new headphones soon and would like help. I'm definitely looking at in ears at the moment. I may treat myself to some Q701's for home use later in the year.


I currently have 5 sets of headphones.



Creative in ears that came with a Zen X-fi (seem similar to Sennheiser CX300's)

Panasonic RP-HTX7

Sennheiser HD448

Goldring DR-150


I've just sat down at my computer playing Kashmir by Led Zeppelin in 256kbps AAC from iTunes set to use WASAPI output through a Asus Zonar DX with flat EQ and no effects.


This has told me that the best phones I have for the sound I like are the Panasonic with the Goldring a close second. The TDK were too recessed in the mids and the Sennheisers were lacking treble. The Panasonics only win because they have slightly more forward mids than the Goldrings.


Having said the above, I think for a long listening session the Goldrings would win as they are a little easier to listen to and the treble is clearer. Listening to Exchange by Massive Attack and there's a part where the cymbal is just being lightly brushed and this sounds clearly on the Goldrings.


So, I'm looking for in ears that are going to give me the sound I like. At the moment I'm leaning towards RHA MA750's but also considering the Audio Technica ATH-CKX9 or Beyerdynamic DTX101 iE


Max budget is about £80.

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You should consider Yamaha EPH-100. You can read a lot about them in this forum.


Best Luck!

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