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For Sale: Sennheiser HD800

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD800

Will Ship To: UK-EU

I had a bit of an epiphany recently while figuring out which headphones to rotate/replace in my collection over the weekend:


Why am I keeping high-end headphones I don't like?


Well, when I was a card-carrying member of Head-Fi I did so to have references that I can relate to in comparative listening should I need to post opinions. The HD800 is very much such a reference. And recently I got an HD800 again after a long break, because I thought I should have a reference back. And it didn't take me long to figure out I still don't like them at all. But here's the thing, I no longer post on Head-Fi. Which brings the question: Why am I keeping Head-Fi references except just out of habit?


Good question. And there's only one sane answer: Time for the HD800 to go.


This particular example is less than a month old, has three hours of head time + one hour of artificial head measurement time tops. Looks like exactly how you'd expect for that level of use - i.e. near mint*. Non-smoking / no pets, though the OP himself is losing hair at an alarming rate as of late.


£650 no offers, shipping at cost. I will not provide proof of purchase, but I will send it to Sennheiser on your behalf should you wish to register for the Orpheus Program.


I would prefer a personal meetup, but I will accept Paypal (with any fees if applicable, will not accept Gift) with a verified posting address. Shipping in the UK/EU ONLY.



*Or mint, according to many Head-Fi'ers interpretation of 'mint'. My own definition of 'mint' is 'exactly as new' and since I've opened and used it, it clearly is not 'mint'.

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Interested to trade? I'm selling a few nice hp now. Check it out.
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Not interested in trades. I'm pretty much done headphone-wise and although I was thinking about getting something else I probably won't in the end. Might be interested in getting rid of others though... we'll see.

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Is it possible to claim warranty without the receipt?

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