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LCD-2.2 Faulty construction

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Hello, I wondered if anyone else has had similiar issues that I have with the new LCD 2s I bought on the black friday sale.

It kind of annoys me, the there are some pretty bad flaws I had with the ones I got, some is just nitpicking but there are some that really bothers me too. 

They also clamp stronger on the left side than the right side (right side is feels more loose when wearing them), let's just say it's a bit uncomfortable. I really didn't expect this from headphones that cost this much, and I am a bit disappointed. The sound is amazing though, the best I've heard.


The left side of the headphones also goes further "down", English is not my main language, so it's a bit hard to explain, but the black attachment goes further out on the leftside than the right.


Let me just show you some pictures:


As you can see, the left attachment is a lot closer to the cans, and goes further in and out than the right one. I didn't have a picture where I show that they go further out.

They black attachment "screws" also doesn't align properly with eachother. 



Has anyone else experienced problem with the construction of the Audeze LCD-2.2?





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Yeah in the first picture the issue looks really obvious. I would contact Audeze immediately. My LCD2.2's did not look that at all. The build quality on mine were some of the best I've ever seen on a headphone. 

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Yeah, sucks that It's going to cost like 60 - 70 $ to send them from Norway to the states..

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