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Pickering CD 3+3 Headphones - Any Information?

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So I just bought these off ebay because they were just too interesting to pass up, but I cannot find any information about them anywhere what-so-ever. Just looking for any input from anybody that may have ever seen, or heard, or know anything about these.


It says that they use three drivers per side, with a basic crossover, and it would appear that two of the drivers are opened and one is sealed. It also says it uses samarium cobalt drivers, which I believe is a close cousin to neodymium magnets.


They will be ariving around Tuesday of next week so I will update this post with some impressions (although I am just getting into this area and I don't have a whole lot to compare to).


Some pics from the auction page (they look to be in great shape).





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It's a fascinating find you have there. Please let us know when it arrives.

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So i just got the headphones and I started listening to them this morning.


Initial impressions are they are smaller and lighter than I thought they were. I was expecting over the ear, but they are actually on ear. The construction leaves a bit to be desired, but they have a very interesting look to them. Since they are so light these might be a good pair of on the go headphones for someone who wants a uniquely different pair.


As for the sound, I don't know how good of a judge I am but I think they sound pretty good. They are lacking a bit of power in the deepest range, but this only seems to be noticable on electronic tracks. I won't get down in the weeds describing the sounds further (because I only have one thing to compare to), but they are enjoyable to listen too.


As for comfort they are not my cup of tea. I can't wear on ear headphones for very long before the start to get uncomfortable. They headphones are really light so that actually helps out quite a bit.



At this point I think I might try to make some modifications if I decide to keep these. Either finding some over the ear pads that fit, or trying to get the drivers into a donor body.


However I feel kinda bad doing that to a pair that seems to be incredibly rare. I can't find any mention of these anywhere else on the web. So I think I might just hold on to them for a bit and see if any collector types are interested in these first.


So shoot me a PM if your interested, and I will repost these in the appropriate location.

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Also if anybody is in the Lake Mills/Madison WI area that has more experience testing and comparing headphones, I would love to meet up and get your thoughts as well.

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Are you able to disassemble it easily? I'm really curious to see the innards of it.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Are you able to disassemble it easily? I'm really curious to see the innards of it.

They were just in to good of shape, and since I had never seen these anywhere else, I didn't want to wreck them.


Just sold them on ebay, so hopefully somebody will get some use out of them.

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Aw that's too bad. Hopefully it was someone from this forum who bought them and takes some pics.

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Yesterday a pair went for $15 on ebay. That's a very cheap collectors item. Wish I'd known.. :-)

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