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Looking for a replacement for Cowon i7 mp3 player

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My dear i7, you were my best buddy for many years, you survived several hot baths and countless drops on hard surfaces, you always waited for me in university's lost and found box, and now you are finally dead. RIP old friend.


Cowon i7 isn't sold anymore and I'm looking for something similar. What was awesome about i7: 


- Size! It was tiny! 2.75" x 1.25", it used to fit my tight jeans pockets perfectly.

- Battery life. 60h with no change? Yes please! This thing could live for weeks.

- Mechanical buttons on the side so you could pause and change volume without looking.

- USB charging and easy drag and drop file transfer

- Resume. Its a must for audiobooks. Remember where in the track you stopped listening and resume on start.


It should have a screen to display track names and browse folders, but it doesn't need to be big. i7 had 1.5" screen and it was enough.


Its mainly used for audiobooks


Any ideas what I should get? Thanks!

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I loved the i7 when I owned it :beerchug:


Closest I can think of for SQ, battery life and form factor is the HiSoundAudio Studio V3 Anniversary.


Review here ;  http://www.head-fi.org/products/studio-v-anniversary-edition/reviews/9992


UI takes some getting used to - but you should get around 40 hrs, size is similar (little block), tactile buttons & sound quality is excellent.  It's class A - so plenty of power too.


It is pricey - but it's an option.


EDIT - it does not do resume at all though.

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It looks good, but resume is really a must:)

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OK - only other one I really like at the moment - and it's still being developed - is the X5.  But it still won't tick all of your boxes ......


Size = 50/50 - portable, but approx size of an iPod classic

Battery life = no - for now 12 hrs + they think with FW changes might get to 15 hrs.

Mechanical buttons  - yes.

USB change + drag and drop - yes.

Resume - yes


Add to that extremely good SQ + can drive even full sized cans with no amp required.  Low output impedance so can pair with senstivive IEMs as well.  Also can be used as digital transport and/or dac.  Best of all - takes micro SD card (two) - so up to 128 Gb.


Review here - 


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Just get a Cowon C2 ;)

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Just get a X5. Nothing will beat it under...well under 800$
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