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I'm still new to the game, but I just joined the club, 2 hours ago. Previously using Sony XBA-2 IEMs (I wasn't a fan of headphones).

My setups:

Galaxy S4 (Poweramp) --> USB OTG --> Fiio E17 (+6 gain)
Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox) --> Fiio E17

- It's not as comfortable as people claimed. Feels like someone's squeezing my head.
- Had to tame the bass a little, too boomy.

Bought it refurbished for $130. I love it overall. Will let it break-in and do the tissue mod.
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I just purchased these, got them in yesterday. They are very impressive sounding, and I am not even using an amp yet. (Building the m3 right now, and waiting on my o2 amp.)


I listen to some quite heavy and technical music, such as Amon Amarth and Rings of Saturn....


I was looking for headphones that had accurate tight bass without muddy sound or added color, but legitimate highs and mids. My ears are quite shot from being an avionics maintainer and not using proper ear protection when working on powered-on aircraft, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I can say though, with bad ears, the bass for these headphones are spot on, maybe sometimes not enough.... but the highs and mids are as clean as a mountain river. They're great. They have a lot of room to sound better, and that's why I'm building too different amps.



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I hope you're not as short as you look in that photo!!

I really like the sound of the dt770 a great deal. It sounds almost as though there is a subwoofer inside and the treble is very clean. For some, the top can be a bit too much and for others, the bass!!

The 990 is similar but slightly less in the bass and also slightly less in the top. For me, the DT990 has a rosy bloom, whereas the DT770 has a hard hitting bass and is a little 'cooler' in the top.
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It is quite unfortunate being short.


Anyway, that's exactly how I feel with the 770's ... the highs are what I notice more. Either way, amazing headphones, will keep my eye out on other deals for other amazing headphones. I'm starting a collection.


Also, maybe the AP2670 will darken the sound. Would sound amazing.

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Do you guys recommend getting the 250ohm version or the 80 ohm version when coupled with a SoundBlaster Z?

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Always 80-ohm version for soundcards.

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no sound card, and 250 ohm with legit amp.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Always 80-ohm version for soundcards.

So the headphone amp in SBZ isn't enough to power the 250ohm?


Also, I have an old JVC RX-884R amp. By any chance would that suffice for the DT770s?

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I'm using built in audio from my crappy laptop... and I can drive these alright. Seriously, just get a pocket amplifier if you want something concealed, but if you're spending money on a sound card, build something external.

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