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Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

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Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper.

There's a ton of different Superlux variations, we all know the differences between them, ie SR850, 668B, 681 and it's many offshoots. I have a 681 EVO so I'm particularly interested how the A1000 and Takstar 2050 compare to that model specifically. Comfort, sound quality, stage, and profile, etc.


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Would also like to know people's opinion on these. There's lots of praise for the 668 and 681 evos but I'm reading that the pioneers are on another level.

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I can't imagine you can get anything remotely similar at the price of the Superlux 681 EVO. I just bought one of those for a friend who is not very knowlegable. So I just bought the best I could find at the requested pricelevel. But I never expected it to be as good as my AKG 701 or Beyerdynamic 880, with really good bass. Those are tried and tested HP's that cost more than 99% of customers are ever prepared to pay. I compared them too many hp's, some costing up to 1k (although years ago). These were the only ones I could still enjoy after those really expensive ones. Maybe the Evo's aren't as airy or refined, but just slightly. The bass is weightier so you can get listening fatigue sooner. Just don't play it to loud because there is really no need to. And wearingcomfort is also great, for small and big heads.
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I had to return the 681 EVO because the creakiness was driving me nuts. Any slight head movement caused it. I'm waiting on the Pioneer to arrive.

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I know this is an old thread but I just got my Pioneer SE-A1000 and I own the SR850 (newer one with the velour pads instead of the crappy pleather) and both are amazing! I'm listening to The Road Of Trials from the Journey game soundtrack and these Pioneers are doing things my SR850 could only wish it could do! Absolutely love both of them
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