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For Sale: MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2, Like New

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For Sale:
MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2, Like New

Will Ship To: CONUS

Mad Dog 3.2 (modified Fostex T50RP), purchased summer 2013, like new. Alpha pads are spotless. Includes velour bag, stock 1/4" cable. 1/8" cable lost. Includes pair of Shure 840 pads just in case.


I loved these headphones so much I wrote a poem about them (click here to read it!), but as of late I've been noticing I like something less analytical, more "fun" - that's why I got the Philips X1s (yes, I was trying to trade the Mad Dogs earlier, but decided to just sell them and get what I wanted). I know I'm regressing in terms of sound, but I don't care. I'm a silly man.


I truly, honestly respect these headphones so much, and have recommended them to many, many people. Dan at MrSpeakers is one of the nicest people you'll ever talk to, and he's very knowledgeable. Someday, I may buy another pair to have in the collection, but with kids on the way and a very small house, I just can't justify having all of the headphones I do. (Does that get me excommunicated around here?)


SOLD! shipped, FIRM. PayPal only, unless you're local (in the Bellevue/Issaquah area in WA).

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Sold! That was fast!

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