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I have to say I agree. Looks mean something to me as well and the Frankenember looks badass in a way but is not pleasing to my eyes. I'd not want it on my desk. This is no slam to those that like the look though. It's just my opinion.


Honestly to me the 6SN7 is not an upgrade over a couple of my bugle boys and vintage telefunken tubes. 6sn7 is more open, solid bass, pretty much great throughout the FR but I don't get the 3d effect and gain that I love from my other vintage 12ax, at and bh tubes.

My latest 6sn7 (1946 RCA) is one of the best tubes I have heard but I can't say it's better than a couple of my 12xx6 tubes. It's a close one though and depends on what kind of music I'm listening to at any given time and what mood I'm in.

Enjoy your Frankenember. I'd love to hear one sometime.

Which noval valves do you consider to be on par with your 1940's RCA 6SN7GT ?
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To me the newest 6sn7 I recently aquired sounds really good and is my current fav tube. That said the differences between the 6sn7 and 12xx7 tubes I own aren't that great at all. In fact I would say that they are quite alike though the 12xx tubes that I prefer have more gain and a more lush and 3d like sound (Telefunken) and about the same as far as the sound of the FR when comparing to the bugle boys I have. What the 6sn7 does better than all of my 12xx7 tubes is the openness of the sound.


Tubes I would rate on par would be these:
1959 Telefunken 12AT7
1960 Telefunken 12AT7 Tektronix
1964 Amperex Holland treble clef logo Bugle Boy 12ax7
Polytronics Lab 12ax7 (Amperex Holland)



I should add that my 'fav' tube changes on a week to week basis. Depends on what I want at the time. The 6sn7 is a worthy tube to run and I like it. I have three of them. It's just the differences are not really that great. The 12xx7 tubes (some more than others) sound open too, but the 6sn7 does seems to be more spacious sounding. That is really the only plus to running the 6sn7 IMO.


The Bugle boys I own might not be for everyone but damn they are musical. deep tight bass, sweet mids and sparkly highs. I have a few Telefunkens and they seem to me to be more on the lush side and 3d. YMMV

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