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My plan from the start was to buy from Upscale Audio ( ). Saw a deal on eBay for three 12AX7s from the same plant. I figured I would test and compare them. Once I get the three from ebay two of them I could not get the bias to set under 20VDC with a multimeter. The third has a slight background static. I was just wondering if the 12ax7 amperex BB had a similar background noise. All tubes were tested/listened to after 30min of warm up time. I already contacted the eBay seller and mentioned the issues I had. Was promptly sent a full refund.

Yep, $169 (or $189) for a single 9 pin signal tube is real money.............. BUT if is is quiet and minimally micrphonic perhaps it is worth the price :confused_face_2:.


Thankfully I needed 6DJ8, 6922, 7308's some years ago for a tubed CD player so I snagged some at way lower cost than current prices!

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