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I have Tung Sol 12AX7/ECC83   and 12AT7/ECC81 preamp tubes Can i use them in Ember? These are from my Jolida 302B Amplifier
I have referred the manual. I just want to double check.
Thanks in advance
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Yes, I have a couple of 12ax7,12au7,12at7 and they all work fine.

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Thanks. I really liked Tung Sol 12AX7/ECC83. It is far better than stock tube.

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I agree.  My favorite tube right now is a CV4024/12at7 Mullard from Brent Jesse.  It is the best sounding so far.

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I too have  Mullard CV4024 / 12AT7 Vintage New Old Stoc Platinum Grade. I will try today. Does 6J1P-EV tubes work with Ember?

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I've seen a few people mention Siemens but has anyone tried the Siemens 6AQ8 / ECC85 ?  I swapped it in after listening to the RCA clear top 12au7 and to me, that Siemens has all the clarity (maybe more) of the clear top but with a more holographic soundstage. 

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I absolutely love my Siemens ecc85. It is a very dynamic and musical tube. I know it's totally superficial but I like the way the filaments glow through the holes in the plates wink.gif Couldn't agree more with your impressions
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