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This is my whole point. If the Hugo did dsd as good as PCM it would be fantastic.

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Found your next Setup AL.



Loo at the soundwaves hit the right wall as the camera pans the first minute. That room is filled with sound completely. Thats what you call soundstaging wall to wall lol.


Would love to be in that room.

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ffs Al go read Rob's many technical post he explains exactly why, you keep going round & round in circles and its become tedious & boring... I am not a technical person but even I understood that 'distortion' was one of the inherent problems of DSD if you read through the post Rob states why and the problems he's faced with, now if you're not content with his findings all I can say is tough luck & best to stick with what you got. 

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FWIR, it would seem that DSD128 does have potential merit as that's the point where the engineers were able to overcome the distortion issues - it's also the point where file sizes are absolutely huge - over twice the size of DSD64 files if these samples are any guide:


Michael Lavorgna makes some very big claims re DSD128 in his comparison between different formats:


All I can say is that the differences he describes moving from 16/44.1 to 24/192 to DSD128 are pretty much what I had hoped for when I popped my 30th Anniversary DSOTM SACD into my Oppo but I'm afraid that my experience just hasnt mirrored either his DSD64 or DSD128 impressions. Maybe its the Oppo and maybe its me (a distinct possibility), but I'm not buying terabytes of disk and spending hours downloading obscure musical treats just to find out - I'm even less prepared to spend more money on a dedicated SACD player simply so I can explore a format that's been in it's death throes for a number of years. 


I think Lavorgna's conclusions seem to tread the middle ground, but I'd be happy with 24/96 re-releases of my most treasured CDs. Sadly, I dont even see that happening short of a Pono-led miracle. 


Where does this leave us? Well, there's the pesky issue of the quality of the original recording which obviously trumps all of the above. Then there are all of the variables, some of which we've touched on here, which makes drawing any firm conclusions potentially misleading. But to my mind when speaking in generalities why not go for ideals? Sure CD-"quality" can sound really good but higher bit/sample rate PCM and DSD can sound better. How much better will come down to the quality of the recording, the quality of the transfer, the playback chain, and your listening habits and preferences. Better still, if you value music first, all of this takes its rightful place in line.

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I really am trying to get your point but no matter what anyone says you treat it like pure bunk because it doesn't conform to your thinking... if you proclaim to be such a expert why don't you start a company of your own and make your own equipment, if it goes down the sewer you can look to your own 'business model' for criticisms.


big deal Rob prefers Red-Book over DSD, get over it and jog-on.

lol & Amen

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I'm closing this for a day, at least, so people can chill out of over the DSD arguments, which are derailing this thread. I (or another mod) might open it again once we've had time to ponder what to do with it. Another thread has been started about the Hugo if people want to talk about it.

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