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Quick one guys - can a Euro version Hugo be used in Malaysia, specifically the PSU? Was thinking since both the EU and Malaysia use 230V output, it should be fine, no?

It should be fine.

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In case someone's looking for a coaxial cable that fits the Hugo, the Black Dragon cable that I received today from Moon Audio is perfect.  Not only fits through the case opening but makes a solid connection with the RCA jack.


edit: I should point out that I have the revised case.

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Back to the Converter thing: I, too, find the Offramp and Ciunas Converter deteriorate the sound. They seem to "take off the magic" and put me to sleep rather quickly. I've been kinda tired these past 2 weeks so that could be just a bad coincidence.
At least, neither produce a Wow factor so they are not a worthy addition (which is good: less expenses).

On the other hand, the olimex USB-ISO bring life back to the music! I decidedly need to work on my USB source. I just bought the USB-3 fiber cable that has been mentioned few pages back. Let's see how that goes...
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Currawong and I are on the posing sides with the AP1/PP. but he dies nit have the AP1se PP as I do so who knows.
The off ramp flattens it . It makes it darker. And this takes away the magic to me. But it does give some additional low noise details . Part of the magic is the EQ of the Hugo although I will now get bashed I do not really care as few here have really good stuff to compare . If I even use my hdvd800 as an amp it looses some of the EQ and magic as well.
I have no optical of any thing good anyway. I have tried it on my I7 all out audio CPU setup it does give it more details
But still a little heavy innate EQ upper side. And this is with headphones and speakers.
Keep reviewing I am all eyes and ears .
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Al, I recall, you prefer R10 than the Hugo for CIEMs.  Can you tell me which CIEMs and IEMs you have tried the Hugo with?  Also, what did you feel was lacking with Hugo with (C)IEMs in general?  Was it the brightness?  In terms of resolution how does it stand to the R10?

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No I did not mean to sabot say that CIEM,s sound better on the HDP r10. The hugo is much better. My pint was the pitch was more accurate . It's nitnthatvthebhugomis bright it's that it's pitched higher than most dacs. As some say I am wrong and that's fine it's all opinions anyway. But the Hugo is far better than any porible dap or porible DAC I have heard . Now some really good stuff is coming down the pipe in just a few weeks . But nothing I have heard of now.
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Just to clarify:


Does the Toslink connection sound better than the USB HD one? Why?



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AL, you keep saying saying its the best "portable" again, "portable" DAC.. how about as a 2 channel stationary DAC? What do you think compared to same price range DACs out there? Stationary DACs.
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I am sorry but I cannot speak for something I do not have.
And anything I have now is better. I mean it's much better than a MyTek
And the hdvd800 DAC wise. It's better than the pwd mkii
Was but not the new DIRECT STREAM.
It's in some ways better than my M7. It's defiantly better than my KRELL connect DAC
Over all it's pretty good but j have stuff that us much more expensive and better
But I use it daily
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Can you send me the gears you're not using? tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by RoundRound View Post


Just to clarify:


Does the Toslink connection sound better than the USB HD one? Why?




For that, you'll have to wade through the posts by Rob Watts in this thread - as the designer he has some very firm views on this. In his extensively detailed answer a few (hundred ..) pages back I believe he attributed a lower noise floor to the Toslink optical connection than either coax or USB connections. Many here disagree and claim the coax connection sounds better to them - I like all three, but I'm currently listening via Toslink to the Hugo using my Oppo BDP-105D purely as a source and I'm hard pressed to make any pronouncements re Toslink vs The Others *or* the old hard-drive vs CD debate.


The Oppo simply doesnt have anything like the magical 200-hours on it that the magazines claim is a must to hear the best from it, but I'm forced to revert to my LCD-2s with this combination, Those who enjoy sharper transients and a more upfront presentation via Hugo would definitely enjoy this combination - for the rest of us, it might not be the best choice for long listening sessions, As a Blu-Ray player though, I've never experienced anything quite like the 105D - I'll update further when I get enough hours to make a more definitive comment. Oddly, I think I actually prefer the LCD2s straight from the headphone out on the Oppo - same album as I listened to with the Hugo - than the Hugo hooked up to the Oppo via optical but its not night-and-day : just seems a little more aggressive through the Hugo - the exact opposite of what I would have expected. The Oppo's headphone stage is fed by a dedicated SABRE DAC - a DAC which has attracted more than a few brickbats in this thread. A lot more experimentation and burn-in needed with each of the links in this chain. 


For now I'll just post random quotes from reviews of the 105 the Darbee edition is based on to give you a frame of reference:


Acoustic instruments and vocals all sounded natural and smooth. There was a realism and transparency I heard in the music that was more reminiscent of a $5,000 dedicated CD transport than a universal disc player that is supposed to handle any spinning disc or digital file under the sun.


Using the BDP-105 as a fully-functioning preamp by disconnecting my reference Parasound Halo JC2BP from the chain, I still got the same level of detail and precision as I repeated my battery of tests. In fact, there was an even greater sense of transparency and openness to the sound.


The voicing of the BDP-105 is generally neutral, with taut, deep, and well-controlled bass, transparent mids, and revealing, extended highs (highs that can, however, expose mediocre recordings for what they are). Pleasing though the Oppo can be, some might find it a bit lean-sounding compared to the deliberately warmer-sounding offerings on the market. If you prefer components that give a voluptuous musical presentation then the Oppo might not be your cup of tea, but if sonic honesty and neutrality are your things you should get on very well with it.

Let me expand on my voicing comments by pointing out that the BDP-105 needs a lot of run-in time to sound its best (some say as much as 200 hours or more). As playing time accumulates, traces of leanness and austerity gradually melt away, thus enabling the player to reveal a smoother, more full-bodied, and more forgiving sonic persona.

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How can you possibly like the Oppos dac? I had the oppo 105 as a dac and compared to arcam irDAC, the arcam was far better.

I cant believe you prefer oppos dac over the Hugo dac. The oppo has zero rythem to music and is dry sterile mechanical and harsh. Typical sabre sound.
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For anyone interested in hearing the Chord Hugo the DC CanMania Noble will be showing the Hugo with AK 240 and their IEM. Come on down and hang with us. The show is exploding in DC July 25-27. Moon Audio will also have the Hugo on display with some terrific full size headphones plus the will a the one day meet at the CanMania also. Hope to see everyone come down.



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hello folks


asking for a friend whom needs to use his audiophile coaxial cable with the Hugo but it wont fit, hence he is looking for a RCA female to RCA male adapter that would fit Hugo...


any suggestions are highly appreciated...

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