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Originally Posted by nOtEcH View Post

I am sorry if I mislead you. I have read a lot about this product, and it can charge everything I would like it to:
iPad Mini Retina (and 4G internet)

And if I pull the trigger:
AP1 and PP

And it is powerful enough to charge my laptop too, so I could practically work anywhere in the world.. maybe living in a tent at the foot of a mountain wall in Yosimite.. listening to the Hugo playing music.. working.. knowing that in less than an hour I will clock out for today and go climbing, while the Sherpa gets charged again by solar while I'm out climbing..

I am not sure if it would be just like that, but you got endless possibilities and you can enjoy music every where you wan't to.. and for as long as you want..

With a solar panel or two it is the perfect charging device / battery for me.
If you're not too happy with the Sherpa 100 and can't return it for a refound, maybe I could buy it from you?

(I haven't ordered "mine to be" as the shipment from Goal Zero USA hasn't reached European dealers yet)

No no, I don't blame you at all. It's a great product but I just didn't realise the size of both. Furthermore the inverter and the power unit is attached through a cable and can't be attached directly.

This eliminate my option of using it on the plane) could, but will look very awkward).

However, I have tested it out and it works well as USB charger and laptop charger and of course it charges my Hugo too!

It's not as portable as I thought, but it's a great product. I will find some use for it!
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Originally Posted by SoundFreaq View Post


To be clear, what technical differences are you delineating in your mind, if any, of the Hugo used as dedicated DAC, and Hugo used with headphone out?


Or are "headphone out," and "using it as a dedicated DAC" synonymous in your mind? Aside from the obvious fact that the latter is used in conjunction with another amp. 


I'm talking about hooking the RCA outputs from the Hugo into the RCA inputs on my Taurus - nothing to do with the headphone stage in the Hugo even taking into account Rob's explanation of the way Chord have implemented the headphone out. Granted, I can plug headphones into the Hugo AND the Taurus simultaneously - and I could do this with my Audeze cans - in an attempt to gauge whether its placebo, but for now I'm very happy with the combination I have. 

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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Sorry and do not get mad it's just peoples opinions here . My only issue is the price of the ak240 . It's way over the top and should be up there with audio quality. In every other way it's tops. I had the ak120. It's size , battery , GUI were all A+ only the sound was bland to me. I hate the GUI and the whole slow speed of my hdpr10. But the sound is really good in comparison. For me it's all about the sound . And I paid about 1200 for mine two years ago so I am willing to pay
If need be .

I don't think you really get the point of the AK240 which AnakChan very well expresses as a post on his own review of the product. 


"I think many already know that the AK240, just like most (but not all) of the audio component, the returns diminish as the price of the products go up. Very few products come with a surprise of great SQ for a low price. The AK isn't about that. The AK240 is just about delivering the top level SQ that one can squeeze into a portable device that fits in a hand comfortably.

In my personal opinion, to think the AK240 is for everyone is a mistake. In fact it's not even about an AK240 for those who can afford it 'cos I'm sure many can but when they think of what else one could spend same dollar on, they probably could think of a multitude of products or services to spend on. However it's merely an offering for those who just want it.
It's really up to each individual to know their audio budget limits and what they expect for it. I'm not here to convince anyone they should buy it but just to present my personal thoughts and personal findings and it's up to each individual to decide. I can tell you personally for me, as much as I like it, I wouldn't be able to afford the street price myself."


If SQ is the only factor for you then AK240 is not a great way to spend your $$$. I would be getting better performance from my LCD-X if I had spent a lesser amount on the Auralic Taurus desktop amp. But I would not be having so many opportunities to be listening on such a system in the comfort of my home. Instead I get to enjoy a beautifully designed state of the art music system while commuting on the Tube, people watching while sitting on the terrace of a Parisian cafe without a stack breaking the drape of my suit or aurora chasing in Norway with the AK240 in a zippered waterproof jacket. Priceless.

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Hm...but wudnt u be able to do the same with a Hugo? With better sq
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Originally Posted by CosmicHolyGhost View Post

Hm...but wudnt u be able to do the same with a Hugo? With better sq

I presume you're referring to my last post? I don't see that they are comparable products other than sharing a similar price point. You still need a source for the HUGO which means carrying a stack around. Not to mention the HUGO is significantly bulkier.

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whatever floats your boat, my friend. :beerchug:

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So does the ap2+pp sound better than an optical in?
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Hi guys, wana check with some of you who owns the hugo chord with the original chassis as well as the silver widows. Does the recessed jack fit with the silver widow with oyaide 3.5mm termination?
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I can confirm 192khz - Dark Blue from a Seagate 2TB Wireless Plus>Wifi>8playerPro on an iPad2>CCK>USB>Hugo. I'll compare to MBP and see if there's any difference in SQ. Sounded great all by itself. 

Which battery will die first? 

I wish there was a light in the Hugo for bit depth. I'd gladly trade the crossfeed functionality for it. 

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I must add that the world could use a great iOS player app. One that does DSD over wifi would be a very nice find. Now that I have 2TB to play with I'd love to be able to use it for those huge DSD files. 

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BTW Somebody asked: You can connect the Seagate to your local wifi and not loose internet while streaming. 

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Originally Posted by CosmicHolyGhost View Post


I agree you that the Hugo sound scales up significantly when paring with an external desktop amp. We did one meet at Jaben using AK240  "LO" and Hugo LO to the Mass Kobo 394 driving Abyss, TH900 and HE-6, it was clear to my ears that Hugo wins in every aspects.


By the way, I commute using Hugo this morning with Ref 1 listening to Agitation Free (I am going through my Krautrock collection with the Ref 1 before I lend them out). Life is wonderful. :beerchug:

Typically the direct jack headphone volume levels are below the LO volume levels (i.e. white LED).

It occurred to me that comparing with outboard amp (at LO level ) vs. hugo headphone jack may not be fair comparison either.


Given that S/N ratios typically scale up with volume (i.e. max s/n ratio at unity) - we are probably not on equal footing because of this.

Not many people listen to the hugo directly jacked in with volumes at the white level.... 

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Okay got my Wagnus amp today and while it is a truly a marvelous piece of amp I can say with confidence for those of you who are wondering about getting an external amp to drive your IEM/CIEM better I say you are mistaking, HUGO onboard amp implementation is truly excellent and to my ears all the amps that I have added to it has only reduced from its detail nature.

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Okay got my Wagnus amp today and while it is a truly a marvelous piece of amp I can say with confidence for those of you who are wondering about getting an external amp to drive your IEM/CIEM better I say you are mistaking, HUGO onboard amp implementation is truly excellent and to my ears all the amps that I have added to it has only reduced from its detail nature.


Praise indeed :)

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Thinking about a Hugo for portable use . So as I have three phones to use . A iPhone 5 , iPhone 4s and an android samsung note 3 . Now the samsung wins in memory easy as I can change chips. So how are the android player apps.
Also the android phone and the I phones have service and I use them . But I can use a spare iPhone 5 or 4s as just a transport with no service. To me this is better then buying both the Hugo and a another dap or using my hdpr10.
But I do want to hear my hi rez in hi Rez so any thoughts here help !!!! ?
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