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Originally Posted by deadie View Post

My Hugo arrived yesterday, and I can only contribute to the multitude of positive reviews before me.


I first heard the Hugo at the SoCal meet, and was taken aback at how different and _right_ the Hugo sounded.  This was straight TRS out to my LCD-X.  My memory of that sound, weeks ago, synced with present day impressions.  phew.  and yessss.....  


I liken Hugo's sound to the strum of a live acoustic guitar.  When it's played on a quality instrument, there's an attack, hyper clarity, a richness, an unmistakable distinctive realness to the music.  The note lingers in the air for just as long as it needs to, with the reverb you've become accustomed to, and then it's gone.

To extend this metaphor, my previous equipment makes the guitar strum sounds as if it's taking place deeper in the instrument.  In comparison to the Hugo, the sound is head-tiltingly, distractingly, off.  Slightly more cloudy, the notes aren't as distinct or rich, the reverb sounds weird and then gets long as it trails off.
I'm coming from the Transporter, PS Audio DLIII, and many other mid-fi DACs.  I've spent considerably more on headphone amps throughout the past 8 years.
Other details...
The sound from the Hugo straight to the LCD-X is pure pleasure.  I recently just heard the Auralic Taurus MkII, Headamp GSX-MkII, and Questyle CMA800R -- all top flight, very powerful, full sounding amps.
I currently have the Questyle here at home, and note how this amp slightly alters the Hugo's sound.  It projects more power, yes, but changes Hugo's core liquid sound.  I greatly prefer the LCD-X straight from the Hugo.  
So, for right now, I'm very happy.  I've yet to spend significant time with the HD800, which I've heard is powered very well by the Questyle.  But again, I can't have it or any amp tweak Hugo's core sound, so this is an interesting, first time quandary.
Bluetooth to Hugo is currently rubbish using my LG G2, iTouch 7G, iPad 3, and Dell Venue Pro 8.  Static, buzzing -- I need to find an AptX source.
Otherwise, my primary usage models are:
- iTouch / iPad camera connector USB to Hugo
- Dell Win8 Tablet JRiver18 OTG to Hugo HD input
- Desktop Toslink JRiver to Hugo
All sound stellar.
Lastly, I own the Centrance M8, and have been very happy with it, playing from iTouch 7G > Lightning USB > M8 > dual 3-pin XLR balanced UERM.  Hugo is considerably better, there's just more realism and less congestion / cloud to the music.  

I think this is a link to all available device with Apt-x BT capability



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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

That is normally a sign of a well implemented cross-feed. Its effect will only be noticed once you use it for long. Test it: Play your favourite album from start to end using one of the setting, than play it second time immediatly turn of the cross-feed, you will notice the change.


Most cross-feed that change the sound right away will sound artifical in prolong usage. 

Thanks for the answer! I will try your suggestions...

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Originally Posted by karsty View Post

Me too I have a very hard time hearing any effect of the cross-feed feature. Is it normal that the effect is this subtle? Could my unit be at fault? Thanks for your answers...

It is very subtle. The effect is a more in front of you stereo effect. If you have a recording that has a lot of different sounds in left and right channel, cross feed will make it sound slightly less left and right a bit more centered.
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Back from rehab so should be able to give you sober answer,I can't hear any difference between cross feed being on or off either.
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Those of you who own the objective 2 amp please try to pair Hugo with it and report back if you can.
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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Background noise is completely non-audible on my home setup as my speaker and amp but when I plug in something like CK100PRO or FAD VI I can hear it. Those two are very sensitive IEM and I always use them to check and noise for my portable amplifiers.

As far as DSD goes there are some I had and there are some I love, upon further reading the one I hated was not originally recorded in a native DSD format and was a remastered into SACD that I extracted into ISO later one myself.

The amazing thing about HUGO is before that I did not notice those thing which I hate about those album now but than I never had an amp that played DSD natively and therefore all were downsampled to 24/176.2 PCM.

I think HUGO for its size and performance has set a new benchmark. I cannot say whether it is worth it or not for others as it is something for them to decided but it is certainly a great "value" for me. I can live with its performance with sensitive IEM as I can always use my neutral amp that do not alter the DAC sound, I am certainly happy with it. Sure its BT section is not to the level I hope it would be but I never use that method anyway. 

I just hope they can release some hugo specific accessories like cables for idevices and good rca-rca, or rca-mini cable that can fit the HUGO easily.

It would have been nice to have a better accessory kit provided in the box with HUGO considering its price (like better USB cable or at least some RCA cap protectors) but that is something for them to decide and for us consumors to wish for, at the end there is always that guy who would wish for more accessories regardless how much accessories there is in the box. 
I think the accessories and the packing have all be improving in shipments. I guess as parts ordered months ago are finally coming into them. I'm sure if you write in for the latest cable offering, I think they will send it out to you FOC . chord are helpful in that way.
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Looking at getting the audeze lcd x with the Hugo,any thoughts?
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Why not just go to shop with Hugo and try it out with LCD X and decide for yourself?

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Originally Posted by SleepyOne View Post

Why not just go to shop with Hugo and try it out with LCD X and decide for yourself?
No local audeze dealers near me,I'll have to take trip down to custom cable to have a listen when I get chance
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Originally Posted by Hifi Nutter View Post

Looking at getting the audeze lcd x with the Hugo,any thoughts?
The word on the street is that the LCD-X and Chord Hugo combo are audio bliss. I haven't heard the Hugo but I auditioned the LCD-X recently and now I need a pair for sure. They're simply awesome!
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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Here is some of my findings:



3-To amp or not to amp: The only time I like to use an amp is using my sensitive IEM, other cases using an amp is really pointless as it will alter the house sound of HUGO. For example using my 627x the HUGO house sound is masked as I can hear the 627x most of all than the one I have become accustom to when listening to HUGO. So in short if you like the sound of your amp than use the amp otherwise there is no point.

This is why I am not in search of a neutral amp that has no coloration of its own.



Totally agree!


Adding a very transparent AMP to the HUGO is a waste of money (except with VERY Hard to drive headphone).  But, adding an amp with "personality' may be... interesting :D


This is why my "big" brick has HUG0>TU-05 tube amp:


  - If I am in a mood for "transparence" & "purity", then I plug the Headphone directly into the HUGO headphone-out

  - If I am in a mood for a "warmer" sound; I plug the Headphone into the TU-05 headphone-out.


It depend on my mood, my music & the headphone used (Roxane is better direct on HUGO;  TH-900 better from TU-05 output)








...not a chance to pass airport security with this :-)

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Originally Posted by Hifi Nutter View Post

Looking at getting the audeze lcd x with the Hugo,any thoughts?

I think you're rich :P

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Lol not rich,just think it's more important buying headphones rather than heat the house up and doing the bathroom up can wait,quite happy living off beans and rice too
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Just wish to say that the crossfeed feature is really helpful for me recently as I am revisiting some Strata-East records and the crossfeed helped in pushing the bassline in the front instead of blasting it only on the right side of my TH900...Thus, making a much more enjoyable listening session...

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Can anyone tell me how to use hugo's hd output with the samsung note3?

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