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post #1516 of 14834 idea about the possibility of DiYIng a WM digital. But I guess if Peter at DHC cannot, then no one can unless Sony provides a way.

In terms of casea I am a Moleskine guy...use the XS shell to carry ciems, the S Shell to carry the 901, and the medium shell for Hugo and a Dap or iems.
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" short Lightning to Micro USB" :  YESSSSSSS


but... in the mean time, can we use this + a very SHORT  "Micro USB to Micro USB" ?  will it work ? 


No, it does not work. I tested in the Apple store. You need the camera connection cable (Lightning-> USB) from Apple.

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Well, someone in China DID figure out how to make DIY cables for ZX1 and PHA-2

What if your plastic duck friend get in touch with that seller? That could be a potential lead to many sales for we happy campers.
I could ask myself...will let you know.
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I am not fluent at all but can manage to chat on taobao.
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Looks Cool Your case
Where Did you Bought it ?


Bought it from Best buy at $6.99, I notice that its $15.99 online, (but the local retail store has a $6.99 price tag);jsessionid=29E98541A09B87DD53CBFBFEDF8F1D3A.bbolsp-app01-115?id=1219058908112&skuId=1663737&st=categoryid$abcat0307023&cp=1&lp=6

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No worries, there are native speakers here and we'll figure something out if necessary.

Now our goal here should be pushing for another CCK-enabled, right-angled Lightning to right-angled micro USB (of course a single cable instead of two separate ones) since there will much less legal concerns in China, LOL

I bet that seller could look inside the genuine Lightning CCK and then get down to business. Right now it's pretty affordable to get one for 15 bucks or so (88 RMB)

It's always a good idea to start building such "special" cables by beginning with the genuine Lightning connectors because of iOS 7.x and beyond, we could get that for as little as buck fifty a piece (8 RMB)

Let's wait and see how it goes. If that were a done deal, our next step could very well be splitting 2M Platinum Starlight 7 USB (550 bucks) into several pieces for making quite a few audiophile quality cables

Do you guys have even better suggestions? Please feel free to chime in

I want one DIY iCable thats got the CCK included. And I would also like to participate buying a decent USB cable that we chop into smaller pieces.
But I'm not that great with this kind of work so I would prefer that someone did that job for me..
What would be "the best decent" USB cable? With the Hugo in the chain I would put a little extra money in it.. as I guess that the Hugo deserves it. wink.gif
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I burn my cds using I tunes then onto my iPhone when I play them through the onkyo hd player through the Hugo it's a dark blue light which means 192kHz yet alac is 44kHz? Is it up sampling like say a DVD film? But if I download high def music 24 bit 192 kHz would that sound better?
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After using Hugo for a few hours, controls seem ok, encountered no issue there. And I actually like the volume wheel! It has fun factor :)  

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Sleepy one I agree,I can't get anywhere near full volume using my in ear phones, it gets louder and no..distortion, is that down to the Hugo or my ie sennheiser ie 800 or both?My stax and my Grado ps 1000 would distort at certain volumes, my dad bought off me a pair of Grado rs1 first generation so ill try them with the Hugo see what they sound like
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Originally Posted by Bluebear View Post

Toshiba is coming out with an interesting wireless adapter to make any HDD into a wireless storage device just like Seagate's Wireless Plus. Good for expanding storage and streaming music to your iDevices acting as transport to Hugo. The adapter is very small just measuring 48 x 63.5 x 10mm and weighs 24g. Then you can hook it up to a 1.8" 256GB SSD e.g. the Transcend ESD200 that measures just 92 x 62 x 10.5mm and weighs 56g and the entire setup is smaller than the Wireless Plus and at half the weight. Instead of stacking the adapter and the SSD, you can also hook it up side-by-side and it then becomes half in thickness too. Similar footprint as Wireless Plus but at half its thickness and weight.


Very VERY valuable information.  This open new horizons for me.  Thanks a lot Bluebear.

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Not sure why low volume on your IEM - maybe check with other Hugo owners who use IEM. Hugo should be ok with RS1 my guess - after all one could even run RS1 with ipod etc. I only have high ohms headphones at the moment and Hugo seems to be able to handle those.

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