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I still like my GSX mk2, did a few more A/B and it just sounds deeper, full, intimate at a low volume. No color that I can tell, using TT.
Hugo as a portable sounds very good on its own. Happy camper here.
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Out of curiosity I just tried my HE1000 with the Hugo – instead of my now reference, the DAVE. I was really surprised about how close the Hugo gets to the DAVE when it comes to listening pleasure and sound quality. I could just use light blue, everything above would have hurt my ears. BTW, I never heard it clip at any level I've tried in the past, neither with HE1000 nor with HD 800 – so much to your implied «current limitation». In fact its headphone stage is much too loud for both headphones... but you can never have too much power reserve, as you know.


Have I already stated how good the HE1000 sounds driven by the Hugo? If I wouldn't own the DAVE, I'd be completely satisfied with this combo. As already mentioned, I've tried it with my various amps, and none of them came close to the level of immediacy, purity, dynamics and control the Hugo was capable of. That said, my headphones are modified and particularly equalized to sound at their best, so they don't need the euphonic colorations from additional electronics components. I warmly recommend you to jump over your own shadow and try this variant – you'd be surprised.

Playing loud does not mean playing well. Any amp with the right voltage gain can make any headphone/speaker sound loud. Also, simply avoiding clipping doe not mean amp can drive any particular driver well.


Good bass is in part (very important part) a function of the damping factor, which I understand is very good on Hugo (almost zero output Z)


Amp that is not current limited (i.e., they double down on max power output every time output Z is halved) sounds open, with ease, flows well, not strained with lots happening in the music and a general sense of great power reserve.


Haven't I explicitly stated that the Hugo plays loud and well? The fact that it plays extremely loud on a power-hungry 34 ohm headphone alone shows that there's no current limitation. I think you/we shouldn't rely on the numbers at hand, they can't be true.


I seriously encourage you to try the proposed variant. I think you will agree that for judging the absolute quality/neutrality of an amp you have to use a neutral, uncolored sound transducer – right? Now since something like that doesn't exist, you have to use a trick: equalizing. As well as it gets. That's the basis you have to start from. Otherwise you're a victim of synergetic effects.


There are people (and not just a few) who swear by preamps in speaker systems even for DACs such as DAVE with their sophisticated preamp function. And they don't see any reason to question their approach on a technical basis. This despite the fact that the input impedance provided by the preamp is the same as the one on a power amp – so there's certainly no form of relief. Hence it's very clear that they prefer the coloration added by the preamp. As Rob Watts uses to say: some people like harmonic distortion. It's easy to do so, because it sounds nothing like that, instead it makes the sound richer and warmer, may even enhance the soundstage and add authority. I'm speaking from own experience.


During my long years of passionate (hobbyist) speaker building I was working on a pair of audiophile two-way speakers with homegrown dome tweeter. As a strong proponent of steep crossover filters (in the interest of narrowed transition bands for a less disturbed sound dispersion, among other criteria) I used fourth-order filters throughout. Their downside is the need for very careful tuning, otherwise the inevitable phase distortions stand out all too clearly. Only a perfect synchronization guarantees that the phase errors are virtually reduced to less obvious group delay. It took me months to get to a really satisfying result – with hand-measured filter components. During those days I decided to replace my Conrad Johnson PV6 preamp with a passive, resistor-based attenuator (with a voltage-dividing function), again all metal-film resistors measured by hand. The sonic result was absolutely disappointing. Gone was the previous homogeneity and coherence. The bitter pill to swallow was the finding that the now purer signal ruthlessly revealed residual imperfections. After many more months of further crossover fine-tuning the sound had become all the better.


This for showing that a signal as pure as possible may not please at first glance, but call for further investigations in terms of the quality of the rest of the system.

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i have been listening through 3.5 inch single driver 8 ohm diy speakers directly connected to mojo as well as through headphones. the kind of realism and  transparency i get with direct connection to mojo can't be matched by adding the amp. the best part are the vocals which get some kind of magical treatment from mojo/hugo . vocals sound as if the singer is in front of you. because of this i don't care about the bass weight , richness or warmth as i know what i am listening is as good as real live performance. one thing i have experienced that because of extreme transparency both mojo and hugo reveal the effects of cold electronics to start with. after about an hour or so sound reaches to its potential . this may be true for other dacs also but those may not be  transparent enough to reveal the effect of cold electronics.  


Yeah – Rob Watts drives a pair of speakers with the DAVE, so does Romaz, the High-End perfectionist, who has nothing but praise for this configuration. He has never heard his full-range speakers sound any better.


I think these extreme examples should at least have some eye-opening effect with the die-hard amplifier proponents. :smile:

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Die hard was a good sequel the first being the best, yippee ki yea!
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