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Does Jriver allow for that option? I literally try for 2 hours yesterday.

What settings do you recommend for regular usage on PC (youtube, mp3, spotify, gaming)



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when I spoke to Matt he iterated that J-River was the better option as you didn't have to worry about different plug-ins etc., also once you had set-up J-River after downloading things are pretty seamless in operation... you can download J-River on a 30day trial period which I would recommend, link: http://www.jriver.com/download.html you will be able to play around with it & see if it suits your needs.


I have no technical knowledge of J-River and am a novice user, but even with a 2 year old version, I have been able to play virtually any format of music without concern for drivers, plug ins, etc.  Usually use a portable set up, so all I can say is that J-River is fairly intuitive and easy to use.

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Anyone able to remove the pcb? Got to do some window cleaning on the hugo.

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wow Hugo with benchmark ahb2 gives more than enough sound output at 3 volt of Hugo and lowest gain of 9.2db on ahb2 and kef r300 speakers. could not have asked more ! even with some low volume dts movies it should barely need to touch 3volt on Hugo. full audition yet to be done though !
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