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which amp is right for me and...

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My budget...

Currently i have a bravo v2 and just switched to sr225 comming from sr60i.

Im looking to schiit modi/magni or vali but cant decide which one better for me.

Listening to all genres.

Im looking to go sr325 during the year.

Open to other amp/dac combo.

Thx for the help
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Is there a certain type of sound you are looking for, or do you just want to buy something new?

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Im fairly new to this world. I want to go a step further and looking to improve SQ and maybe wider soundstage if possible on grado.
Dont know much about sound type and vocabulary. Language barrier (esl)
I do like grado colored up front sound for rock music.

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Any other input?

I saw some used one in good condition on the used market here.



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People like to go crazy over amps, and there are certainly subtle differences between many amps (particularly when comparing tubes or simple SS circuits) but these differences are not even close to as significant as the differences between 2 different headphones.


That being said Grados are just not known for soundstage. Upgrading your amp will not help you here. It may help other headphones, and you can certainly use the subtle differences in the way the amp sounds to make small changes in your headphones for the better, but no mater what you do Grados sound like Grados. AKG sound like AKG. Sennheisers sound like sennheisers... you get it. 


I would sell the SR225 and buy a set of whichever non-grado headphones you think you will like. HD600, AKG K(whichever version of their top tier headphones you happen to find) Beyer DT880... Pretty much anything but a Grado. They are all a bit more money than the SR225, but with the cash I just saved you on the amp plus the money you should be able to free up by selling the SR225 you should be able to make it happen. 


In case you think I dont like Grados, you could not be more wrong. I would without question keep the SR60, sometimes you just need that Grado sound. If you want something more grado than the SR-60, skip to the RS-1. There is no need to own any Grado headphone except the SR-60, RS-1, or HP-1000. 


Once you get the (non-Grado) headphones you will probably want to upgrade your amp to suit them better pretty soon, although this is not totally essential. Sorry about your wallet. 

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I believe the Schiit combo definitely provide good value for the money.  You could also look at the ODAC combo, which would be in a similar price point.

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Thanks, for the help. 


Im definitely keeping the sr-60, il will check the market for other phone, i was also looking for some ath ad 700 or 900 to use as multipupose headphone, dont know if i should hunt for oleder model or the X are better


 As the mentioned O2 combo . It look a nice pice of equipement, i have read a part of nwavguy blog but i cant stand the conection.


Il will try to find a place to listen to some equipment, but i dont know where to start. there onlys best buy out there, and the local shop only sell grado and stax..



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