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Good IEM for under $150

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Hey, I'm looking for some in-ear headphones. I listen to a large variety of music, but most of my library consists of hip-hop and electronic music.


I've been looking at HifiMan RE400, but I want to have some alternatives to it. I'm also worried that the bass on them might not be enough for me.


I also want to have really good noise cancellation, so I don't have to ramp up to volume too much, and I prefer headphones with good design and build quality. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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With hip hop and electronic being your primary genres, you might find the bass in the RE-400 a bit lacking. Shure SE215, VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (little over $150, but maybe find some used or on sale?) and Yamaha EPH-100SL are all great IEMs near your price range that have decent bass.
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I looked at the GR07 BE, and they seem like the most fitting option for me. They seem to offer bass, but not too much, which is exactly what I wanted. I'll be looking around for some offers in the next month.

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