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For Sale or Trade:
Pair of KEF 107 Reference Series Speakers, KUBE, trade for headphones/amps? (Massachusetts)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Up for sale is a pair of KEF 107 Reference Series speakers, KUBE equalizer and power cable included. These speakers are legendary. I have two pairs of speakers, so you can take your pic between white or beige. I am selling one pair since I can't find a reason to have two pairs, as I only have one listening system.

The speaker cabinets have been professionally painted to match the house's decor, but could be sanded and the veneer could be refinished if you chose to. These speakers are in great cosmetic condition with only minor scuffs. The original stickers from the speakers have been saved and housed under the heads, see photos. The grills have also been professionally reupholstered to match the color of the cabinets. 

The speakers were housed in a clean, smoke-free environment. The foam surrounds will need to be replaced, but that can be done for $75 if you have patience. The ferrofluid in the tweeters may be dry, but changing out the fluid is not an absolute necessity, and the fluid would be pretty cheap from Parts Express.

If you would like higher resolution photos, or photos of any particular aspect of the speakers, don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail.

I am asking $1200 for a pair, with the KUBE, which I believe is a fair price.


Located in Concord, local pickup on these only unless you want to pay a large shipping charge, because these bad boys are heavy.

Would consider trading for audiophile headphones (LCD, HD600/650, HE-500/5, etc.), amplification (Schiit, Little Dot, etc.), cash, or a combo of all three.

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