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For Sale:
Simaudio i-5 Integrated Amp, Excellent Condition, True High End Sound

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For Sale:


Simaudio i-5 Integrated Amp

- This is a true high end integrated amp.  It has a very refined sound, fast and neutral yet satisfyingly musical.

- It is in excellent condition.  No marks, works perfectly.  Black anodized with special gold spike feet.  Build like a tank.

- It use to be $2600 new.

- Comes with the original box and an aluminum brick remote.

- It was sent to Simaudio in 2004 for the latest sonic upgrades.

- I'm selling because my new living situation will not allow for an audio room.

- I wanted to put it up on Head Fi first before going to my other forums.  I like yall better.


Review from Stereophile:


- "At $2595, Simaudio's Moon i-5 is a competitively priced, no-compromise, audiophile integrated amplifier with a solid-state heart and a tube soul. It never sounded edgy or fatiguing, or ponderous and bass-heavy, like some comparably priced solid-state muscle amps I could name. The i-5's sound was warm, quick, and focused, richly layered, smoothly nuanced, and naturally compelling in its portrayal of bass energy and dynamics. And while to some extent the i-5 suggested the midrange liquidity and top-end smoothness of tubes, its exceptional control of bass, localization of images, and scrupulous resolution put it on a par with the best solid-state integrated amps (and even some separates) I've heard in the last five years."


Some reviews from owners.




- Sale is final, no return, no refund.

- Buyer pays shipping (you can choose any shipping method you want).

- Paypal payment only.


Thank you for looking.

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