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Hello Quebec Headfiers!
I've been wondering if people were interested in doing something for SSI.
My thoughts were to meet at SSI, go around to the various rooms together listening to the setups offered (woo, bryston, speakers, etc) then go outfor a bite to eat while we discuss all the setups we heard.
For those who have never been, SSI stands for Salon Son et Image, a show for audio and visual products. Speakers are a big thing at this show but headphones have become more popular.
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I would like to but I'm:


a) too broke to showoff my setup. only thing I got is a pair of modest monster turbines and a supa awesome pair of xba H3 on the way.

b) I don't think there is many head-fi people who live in montreal. many people in the city's public transportation use beats by dre headphones so its no a good sign. if we have enough particpant, I might be interested

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