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I am looking for an amp that matches well with a Beyerdynamic T1 and  especially vinyl records.

I am mainly (95%) listening to vinyl records, while the majority of my records are in great to excellent shape, I have some which have typical pops and clicks as some are over half a century old.

So the amp should not rip my head off for some of these LPs and the by today's standards lower quality live recordings of the 1960s and 1970s.

The main genres I listen are rock/pop and blues, mostly 1960s era. The sound of the amp should not be tiring as I usually listen to music for 6 hours straight in the evening/night.



The price should not exceed 900-1000€ and the amp should be (somewhat) easily available in Europe, I don't want to order it from the USA.


The Lehmann Black Cube Linear (USB) seems to get a lot of praise, what else would you recommend?



Thanks in advance!!



PS: vinyl records traditionally have a "warmer" sound than digital equivalents, the amp should preserve this attribute. 

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