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Hi guys!

Little background:
I currently own the following IEMs: MEElec M6, Brainwavz B2 (aka Fischer Audio DBA-02) and V-Sonic GR07 MK2. The B2's (or, more correctly, my first pair were DBA-02's) were my first 'real' audiophile-grade IEMs and I loved them for their clean, analytic sound, speed, and tight bass. I hated them for their build quality though, I've gone through four (!) pairs of them and am now a little bit afraid of using them because they're so fragile.
When looking for an upgrade/change of sonical perspective, after reading a lot I decided to go for the GR07 MKII's, as these were supposed to be the 'opposite' of B2/DBA-02's: lush, warm, great sub-bass, smooth sound. Needless to say, I never looked back. I love these IEMs, they sound great with all the different sounds of music, have awesome build quality and simply has me enjoying music much more than I did with the (in comparison) shrill, harsh B2/DBA-02's. I am tapping and moving with music much more than I did with my previous IEM's. So: I fell in love with a lush, smooth, warm, laidback sound with good bass/sub-bass.

My collection further expands to the Alessandro MS1i, which I like very much for it's 'fun' sound (great for rock music), while still being crisp, clear, and analytical.
I am amping my IEMs/headphones with the following DAC (connected to my PC): NuForce uDAC-2, and for portable / bed listening I use an iPod Classic with Fiio E11 amp.
Genres I'm mostly listening to include: indie/alternative pop/rock (mainly), new wave, electronic (ambient, IDM, dub, breaks, techno, house, disco, et cetera).

Now, I want to get a new headphone, that will complement my current collection while focusing on improving my enjoyment of mostly electronic music-listening (lying in bed, tripping, et cetera ). Therefore I'd like headphones that have a reasonably large soundstage. I have been looking at a lot of headphones, and Sennheiser's HD-650 seems to be my match, while also aiming at the rest of my musical preferences (guitars).

My question is: will this headphone make me happy in the way that I want it to make me happy? Will it synergize well with my current set-up (no plan in upgrading my sources ATM) and give me that 'listening to all my music-over-again, wow-factor'-experience that my previous purchases (especially GR07 MKII, since I fell in love with that warm, lush, smooth, laidback sound) offered?