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Bluebuds X vs. others?

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I recently bought these IEMs and gave them a try out, intending to later return them and get a better deal from Amazon. I've since done this, and am now in the budget of $150 to either repurchase these or go a different route.

I looked at the Plantronics Back Beat Go 2s with the battery case, before even buying the Bluebuds, but figured I made the better choice, among purely Bluetooth IEMs.

I used to consider the Sure 215s, but I hear things from both corners so, I'm not terribly confident.

I'd like to try the GR07s, but that's just out of reach, for now.

Possibly the Yamaha EPH-100s, HiFiMan Re-400, Etymotic hf5, other pairs similar.

I was pretty content with the sound on the Bluebuds and the wireless is definitely a nice thing to have, but I know I have room to improve with sound, and not being able to use them at all when they die is a bummer, especially when Android isn't supported for monitoring the percentage left.

Any thoughts?
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You might look at the Dunu DN1000 for more critical listening. I have both the SE215 and the Bluebuds. The Bluebuds, particularly with the TX500 Comply tips, sound pretty darn good. Fun good, not so much critical listening good. Same with 215s. I ordered up a pair of DN1000s so soon I'll have the trio. I use the other two for workouts and wanted a more "hi-fi" pair for the discerning times when mobile.

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the Etymotic hf5/hf2 are fantastic IMO they are a very accurate, analytical sound, mids and highs are their bread and butter. vocals are fantastic,instrument separation is fantastic,soundstage is accurate,detail retreavil is excellent,isolation is by far the best period. the only place i see fault with the ety's and its not even fault is the lows, they do product sub bass frequency, BUT understand etymotic is about accuracy, its not going to produce  emphasized sound. you will hear what the engineers wanted and intending on you hearing, not overly emphasized and bloated bass or anything like that.


when you develope a ear for what the etymotic is capable of, you really apreciate the price to sound quality that etymotic offers.....i can say i would be hard pressed to find a iem as accurate as the hf2/hf5 for the price.

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