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Strange Fault with DT990's

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I have a pair of beyerdynamic DT990's bought in April last year and they are brilliant however recently the right earpice has started doing something very strange, at seemingly random points when I'm using the headphones the right earpiece will start to mute, it does not do so instantly but slowly and smoothly fades from full volume to mute over about 3 - 7 seconds while the other remains completely normal.


It does not appear to be a cable fault as it occurs when I am perfectly still and no amount of cable jiggling (main cable and left and right earpiece cords) will resolve the issue, however what will resolve the issue and does so every time without fail is moderate knock to the outside of the earpiece which restores full volume instantly.


I have tried everything to try and induce the issue including flexing all of the cables at every point, fiddling with the jack connection to my PC and even with another headset to rule out the possibility of a sound card fault (STX) but to no avail.


Does anybody have an idea what is going on as I have never encountered an issue like this with a pair of headphones and am stumped.





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It may be a bad connection inside the headphone.

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Possibly but I think it high unlikely given the way that the sound slowly fades out and how it returns instantly when taped hard enough, to my experience wiring faults are intermittent and far less predictable.


It almost seems as if something is seizing up....

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