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For Sale: DENON D7000

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: US

I am selling my headphones and other equipment, since I will move back to Toronto next month. 


Denon D7000: Purchased from one of the member here. In absolutely perfect working condition. There is only one minor scratches on one of the cup but it is even hard to spot under the light. The price is 670 USD


All the price will include shipping cost to US but exclude pp fee. The price is firm.

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I just bought a nuwave off this fine gentleman. The product, price point, communication, and overall transaction as perfect. Props.
If I had the funds the 900's would be gone! GL
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Tempting on TH900...but I need to buy a new super wide angle lens.
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Hi Dave,


I forgot to let you know my th900 is for sale. I am so sorry. 

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Kai, it's all good.... In fact I just bought a killer DAC! Hehehe. The funds are currently in recovery mode. Unless you want to gift those 900's to the owner of their former DAC! smily_headphones1.gif. Hehe.
GL.. whomever buys these HP's are getting a fantastic deal!! Nice prices!!!
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Hey guys, I am really sorry for all the inconvenience here. But one of my friend can help me move some of my audio gears back to Toronto, so I do not need to part with my headphones. I am really sorry again.

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Hard to let go of those beauties; its understandable. 

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D7000 is sold

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Buyer backs off, the sale is reopen

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amazing deal, 

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Tempting to get a second pair...have TH900, but D7k got that bass no one can match. 

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Sold to Merc132, payment received. 

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